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Tiqets in APAC

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2019 has been an exciting year for Tiqets in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. The number of museums and attractions keeps growing and we’ve finally entered the Japanese market with a…

Startup to Scaleup: How Tiqets keeps the vibe alive

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Startup life moves fast. Like, really fast. One minute the whole team can squeeze into a moderately sized canal barge, with ample room for beer rations, the next, it’s spread…

What can you do with an arts degree?

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We all know that one dreamer who threw caution (and their student loan) to the wind and decided to study theatre, anthropology, or the very vaguely named ‘liberal arts’. Despite…

Tiqets and affiliates

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As a global company, Tiqets cooperates with numerous partners around the world to ensure travelers get the best cultural experiences available. Part of its marketing strategy includes working with business…

Girl-powered tech at Tiqets

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This edition of Meet Tiqets hosts a special panel of the female developers working behind the scenes at Tiqets who talk about what got them into tech.

Meet Tiqets: product and partners

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At Tiqets, we strive to create a superior product to offer our customers. Whether you’re in Tokyo and on the hunt for something interesting to do in town, or you’ve…

Meet Tiqets’ interns – 2019

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As a scale-up, we’re constantly growing and looking for young talent to support our journey. So far this year, we’ve welcomed nine interns to the Tiqets family. How’s the company…

Customer Service, all in a day’s work

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Maria Paola Chironi, one of our colleagues from customer service, shares her day at the office. Things get interesting.

Getting to know Customer Service

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We spoke with Vincent Riedstra – our head of Customer Service – about his role, what our hard-working CS department does on a daily basis, and what it’s like to work at Tiqets.