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Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris

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Paris is the city of love but if you love food, where should you eat? Here’s where to have the best breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris.

Where to eat in London’s Soho

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There’s so much great stuff to eat in London, we couldn’t possibly even attempt to cover it all, so we thought we’d start with a few of our faves in Soho.

6 Places to get Vegan Food in Amsterdam

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Check out the best vegan restaurants Amsterdam has to offer and discover our cruelty-free favorites in the city of bitterballen!

An ‘Alternative’ Guide to Amsterdam

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This is Amsterdam tourism with an ‘authentic’ twist, showing you what’s really going on in the Dutch capital – turns out you can have your cake and eat it.

Seven must-eat restaurants in NYC

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Fusion may be a trend in other cities, but for restaurants in NYC, it’s a way of life. Here are seven hotspots that combine two cultures to make something deliciously unique.

Five best spots for lunch near the Louvre

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A few hours of strolling around the Louvre will leave your stomach growling. Because your ticket to the Louvre allows for all-day entrance, we compiled this list of 5 places for lunch near the Louvre.