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The 2019 Tiqets Ski Trip: A Review

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2019 started strong, with one of the most important business events of the year taking place: the annual Tiqets ski trip!

Getting to know Performance Marketing

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Have you come up with a unique way to attract customers? Chances are Performance Marketing are way ahead of you! There’s no team more keyed into how Tiqets is doing…

Getting to know Business Development

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We spoke to Patricia Lucha Serrano and Liam Prince to get the inside scoop on their daily challenges and what it takes to join Tiqets’ BizDev ranks.

Tiqets kicks off the 2019 Remarkable Venue Awards in Paris

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The Tiqets’ Remarkable Venue Awards are back in Paris to recognize the remarkable work our partners do in helping us create fantastic visitor experiences.

Getting to know Finance

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We spoke to Tiqets’ Head of Finance, Esther Smids, to learn about the challenges of working on a global scale and how her team is always up for some fun.

The Tiqets Summer Party 2018

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Every now and then, Tiqeteers like to let their hair down and, when it came time to celebrate the summer in Amsterdam, we knew how to did it in style.

What Recruitment at Tiqets is all about

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To get the inside scoop on how Tiqets tracks down the right talent, we spoke to recruiter Lisette ter Velde about her responsibilities, challenges and what candidates need to ace their interviews at Tiqets!


Breakfast at the Rijksmuseum

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With croissants, coffee and exclusive access to the Gallery of Honour, find out what it’s like to wander around the Netherlands’ largest art museum with the Netherlands’ fastest growing tech scale up.

Remote Tiqeting: Meet our Regional Directors Pt. 2

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Tiqets has offices all over the world – from Philadelphia to London and good ol’ Amsterdam – and has made it a priority to operate as one global community. This new series focuses on our international Tiqeteers and what makes them tick.