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Keukenhof: the world’s greatest flower show

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What exactly is Keukenhof, how did it begin, and how did it become such a global phenomenon? To learn more about that, we must begin with tulip mania.

Fun things to do on St Patrick’s Day in Amsterdam

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If you’re looking for things to do in Amsterdam on St Patrick’s Day (Saturday March 17, 2018), other than dressing up in green and waving pints of beer about in crowded bars, look no further. Here are the Tiqets’ top St Paddy’s Day options.

Get the best out of St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

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There’s no more authentic place to get involved than Dublin! From Temple Bar to whiskey distilleries, from the best beer gardens to gravedigger tours through Dublin’s creepy history, here are the best things to do in Dublin around St Patrick’s Day.

Art and Design

Crazy for De Kattenkabinet – The Cat Cabinet Amsterdam

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Love cats? How about a whole museum dedicated to them? We sent one of our writers to Amsterdam’s De Kattenkabinet, or The Cat Cabinet, for a look at the ultimate cat-lover’s fantasy.

What to see in Barcelona if you’re NOT a Gaudí fan

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If you’re desperate to avoid Gaudí in Barcelona, worry not. We’ve scoured the city for the perfect hideouts. Who knows, you may even end up enjoying it!

7 places in Berlin you want to visit

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There’s so much to see, enjoy, understand and experience in Berlin. We’re not going to cover it exhaustively, but here are seven destinations that definitively sit among the best of the city.

City itineraries

Discover Dubai on a budget

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The desert city of glitz and glamour might not be best known for its budget options, but if you’re planning a holiday in Dubai there’s really no need to go bankrupt.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

24 Hours in New York

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The idea of having just 24 hours in New York can leave your head spinning. But if time is ticking and you need to see it in a hurry, here’s what to do.

24 Hours in Barcelona

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24 hours is not a lot of time – especially in a city as overflowing with culture as Barcelona. Still, the Tiqets team likes a challenge.

Travel tips

Our 7 top tips for traveling solo

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With remote working becoming more popular, and cheap flights making the world even smaller, lots of us are now traveling by ourselves. If you’re switching group travel for solo adventures, here are a few things to remember.

Top 9 things to do for free in London

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The Big Smoke can have a big impact on your wallet but you’ll be glad to know there are lots of things to do for free in London, too. Check out this list of money-saving museums, parks, markets and more!

Top 5 Instagram travel influencers to watch in 2018

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Instagram is on the up, and for the itchy-footed it’s the place to travel without even going anywhere! If you’re a traveler looking for inspiration, here’s who you should follow on Instagram in 2018

Food and Drinks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris

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Paris is the city of love but if you love food, where should you eat? Here’s where to have the best breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris.

Where to eat in London’s Soho

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There’s so much great stuff to eat in London, we couldn’t possibly even attempt to cover it all, so we thought we’d start with a few of our faves in Soho.

A Vegan Guide to Amsterdam

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Check out the best vegan restaurants Amsterdam has to offer and discover our cruelty-free favorites in the city of bitterballen!

Meet Tiqets

Austrian Ski Adventure: team-bonding Tiqets-style

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At Tiqets we like to do things differently, whether it’s changing the way people enter attractions or thinking about how we spend time together as a team. So why would we shy away from a weekend skiing together in the Austrian snow?

Getting to know Business Development

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Business Development is a big word in the startup industry. Well, they’re actually two words, and they’re both big. But what does it actually mean? And why is it so important…

Tiqets Cultural Values

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The only way to shake up the ticketing industry, is to have fun. That’s why we have a culture where creativity, innovation, and hard work are rewarded, and great results are achieved.

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