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How to explore Edinburgh in 24 Hours – Dodgy weather edition

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Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, be it under a glorious blue sky, heavy snowfall, or a downpour that’ll put your raingear to a test.

24 hours in London

24 hours in London on foot

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Put your shoes on and make sure your phone’s fully charged. The British capital rewards those who explore on foot. Here’s how to explore London in 24 hours.

24 hours in Amsterdam

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One day and one night in Amsterdam isn’t much time, but you can cram a lot in if you put your mind to it. Here’s where I send my friends when they’re in town and have no clue what to do first.

Your ideal 48 hours in Rome

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The Eternal City is full of timeless art, glorious ruins, and holy squares – here’s how to see the best of Rome in just 48 hours!

48 hours in paris

Your ideal 48 hours in Paris

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With only 48 hours in Paris, it might seem impossible to become a Paris-connoisseur. Well, this is how to get to the heart of the City of Light in two days.

Your ideal 48 hours in Dubai

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With 48 hours in Dubai to play with, you can see a lot of this popular stopover spot. Here’s what you simply can’t miss.