First things first, what (or who) exactly is a Tiqeteer? 

By now you probably know the obvious: we’re a passionate bunch who love travel. We live travel, work around travel… we even travel to and from the office everyday!

But what makes a Tiqeteer? It’s almost impossible to sum up in one word. Smart? Daring? Cultured? Lovers of all things stroopwafel?

That last one was technically five words, but there’s one thing we all agree on: Tiqets is one cool place to work. If you want a part of the action, keep on reading to find out more about our people, tech and day-to-day shennanigans. And who knows, we might even welcome you to the team soon!

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What we do best

Tiqets and affiliates

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As a global company, Tiqets cooperates with numerous partners around the world to ensure travelers get the best cultural experiences available. Part of its marketing strategy includes working with business…

Girl-powered tech at Tiqets

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This edition of Meet Tiqets hosts a special panel of the female developers working behind the scenes at Tiqets who talk about what got them into tech.

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