At Tiqets, we believe in making culture more accessible. We also strongly believe in sustainable tourism, forging connections with strangers and making the most of your travels. Part of this philosophy means pairing up with organizations who strive to do the same. We sat down with our friends at Hostelling International to hear more about what their wonderful organization does and why they partnered with Tiqets.

Introduce yourselves! Tell us more about Hostelling International?

Hostelling International (HI) is a global non-profit network of youth hostel associations. We have close to 3.7 million members, who have a choice of more than 3,600 hostels around the world. We believe that hostelling is about more than a place to stay; it’s about having fun, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.  

As a network, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices among our members and we are committed to building a worldwide network of sustainable organizations and hostels. With nearly 90 years of experience, we work continuously to improve our network, working with governments and voluntary agencies to create consistent high standards and best practices in this sector.

How does the partnership with Tiqets benefit your organization?

For HI it’s more than choosing reasonably priced accommodation; it’s about fully experiencing a destination, learning about new cultures and making new friends. We share the goal of making culture more accessible, and we’re keen to enhance our guests’ stays through cultural experiences in museums and attractions. 

Why have you chosen Tiqets as a partner?

HI encourages guests to travel responsibly and respect cultural heritage while on holiday. As travelers ourselves, we understand the need to preserve the environments we travel through. Choosing to work with Tiqets, who work closely with venues to improve guest experiences and to protect cultural heritage, provide guests a better experience when visiting and helps prevent unnecessary damage to art and historical landscapes.

HI and Tiqets have additional shared values. Our hostel network is committed to promoting cultural exchange to young people and to providing great customer experience. By partnering with Tiqets we have the opportunity to add value to guests’ stays we know the customer experience Tiqets provides appeals to our audience, providing instant booking, mobile ticketing and skip-the-line entry. Our young travelers will now have better access to a great range of global cultural attractions, enhancing their experience in a destination (or even in their hometown)!

Tell us more about what you are doing to make culture more accessible?

Our hostel network offers safe, friendly and inclusive spaces for travelers to come together and share. We embrace the diversity of our guests and destinations and promote the importance of intercultural exchange as a means to creating a more peaceful, tolerant world. 

Tourism often has a significant impact on those who live in and around a big city. At HI we are committed to supporting the communities and culture around our hostels. We work on developing and participating in social and cultural programs both on a global and on a local level. These programs build awareness and appreciation of local communities and culture in the minds of guests.

How will you promote Tiqets to your customers?

We plan on promoting Tiqets as a useful way to enhance their stay by getting to know the local history and culture. In addition, we will highlight that the easy access to special experiences doesn’t need to stop once you return home. After a positive experience while traveling, Tiqets customers will be likely to continue using the service to easily visit places in their own region because what’s more fun than discovering a cultural gem right in your own backyard?

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