As a company focused on developing the best ticketing experience, Tiqets prides itself on being a tech-forward environment by attracting skills from a diverse spectrum of people. To find out more about Tiqets’ common-sense-oriented goals, we talked to a few of the female tech wizards working behind the scenes. Meet, Yuri, Pragya, and Shreya and find out what got them into tech – and why they brought their talents to Tiqets.

Yuri Mejia Miranda

Why tech? What drew you to this field?

Yuri (Data Scientist): I was born a problem solver, so the analytical skills were always there. I had my ‘aha!’ moment while at university, when I was learning how to write programs to simulate dynamical systems. Those explain things like how water flows in a pipe. The fact that I didn’t have to wait a lifetime to know how things would progress was mind-blowing. I could simply run my program, wait a few minutes (ok, sometimes hours), and get a result!

Tech gives you a lot of power to solve problems. Not just computational power, but also power to test a hypothesis and accelerate your learning. I love solving puzzles, and finding patterns and differences – which is why I studied mathematics. After my Ph.D., I wanted to apply all my knowledge to solve real-world problems. This led me to data science.

Pragya (Back-end Developer): I saw the revolution that happened when technology entered our daily lives and started making tasks monumentally easier. So I opted for computer science subjects in college. I was amazed by the details and coding behind websites, mobile apps, and software. That’s when I was certain that tech was my calling. The extra push was the scope I saw in tech; how wide its range is, and how much potential for influence it has on our lives.

Shreya (QA Tester): As a digital native, I was drawn to technology from an early age. I graduated from Computer Science eight years ago and, since then, I decided that I wanted to work in IT and become a ‘woman who codes’. There’s so much to explore and learn in this ever-changing, dynamic industry that I’m glad I made a career out of it.

Pragya Arora

What are some of the challenges you face on the job and how do you deal with them?

Yuri: Getting quality data for our models. The data science field is notorious for spending 80% of your time fetching and pre-processing data. However, the more I’m exposed to Tiqets’ data science challenges, the better I get them.

One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve gotten from my manager is to ask for help from my data team at an early stage. Turns out they’re all happy to share their knowledge and assist, which allows me to be more efficient. Tech, and in particular data science, are fields that are constantly evolving. This brings about exciting new developments, algorithms, and tools to discover. But it can get overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel FOMO. You have to accept that you can’t know it all, but you can learn. That’s why I make the effort to learn from experts by attending tech meetups, taking online courses, reading blogs, and following my data science heroes on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Pragya: The challenges I face are pretty similar to what anyone else would encounter in this role. My personal challenge was getting the hang of the business and the different technologies when I first started working for Tiqets. To overcome that, you need to be open to the idea that you’re still learning – and it’s okay to make mistakes. Otherwise you can’t grow. I don’t feel like I face an extra challenge being a woman in tech – certainly not at Tiqets, where diversity is the norm.

Shreya: As a Quality Assurance Engineer at Tiqets, the most important challenge is making sure that the quality of the product remains stable, so that customers can have a good experience when booking tickets. To do that, we have several rounds of quality checks – starting from the initial phase of the software development life cycle. This ensures that we’re on the right path when building a product, which is constantly changing based on market needs.

Shreya Saigal

What is unique about working in tech at Tiqets?

Yuri: The people, of course! Everyone’s committed to delivering the best possible products and services. The motivation is infectious. Tiqets also happens to be a very international and diverse company, and it’s pretty cool to be able to work, cooperate, chat, and spend time with people from all over the world.

This multicultural environment is enriching, and the diversity helps you see things from a different perspective – making you better at your job. I also think the products and services we offer through our platform are pretty great. I absolutely love visiting museums, so analyzing the product descriptions, reviews, and images on our platform is more pleasure than work. I get so much satisfaction from knowing that my actions directly impact other culture lovers’ experiences.

Pragya: Right now I’m the only female back-end engineer. I tend to forget that because there are so many women working at Tiqets in other departments. Though it’s widely regarded that tech is a boys’ club, I’ve never been treated like I was special or an outsider here at Tiqets. I’m not a ‘female engineer’, I’m just an engineer.

The work culture at Tiqets is welcoming. My coworkers don’t rush into decisions, so everyone’s welcome to voice their opinions. It’s interesting to observe how a problem is discerned (and solved) from many different points of views.

Shreya: I enjoy working in the Product and Tech department at Tiqets, mainly because it is a multicultural and ambitious team that gets things done. As it’s a relatively young company, I feel like I’m constantly learning – and the more I learn, the more I can improve the quality of the product. Anyone who joins this company ends up growing with it.

Interested in an opportunity to work at Tiqets? Check out our careers page, we’re hiring.

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