You’ve arrived in Amsterdam, the city of canals and charming 17th-century architecture. It’s your first day on the town, so you decide to check out one of the world-class museums Amsterdam has to offer. You’ve gawked at iconic paintings by Van Gogh and Rembrandt, perhaps you’ve had a beer or two at the Heineken Experience, but by now you’re probably starving. Instead of beelining to the nearest tourist trap, or Googling up a storm to find anything acceptable in the vicinity, just refer to this list of the best restaurants near museums in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Museum

Upstairs Pancake House

The Amsterdam Museum is located within the city’s innermost (and busiest) ring, so finding something decent and not too touristy is no easy task. That’s where Upstairs Pancake House comes into the picture. A mere four-minute walk away, this quirky pancake joint is no IHOP. It serves up a huge selection (44 varieties, we counted) of sweet and savory pancakes in a charming little house built in the 16th century. Once you get over the cutesy decor, you’ll find the extensive menu of authentic Dutch pancakes to be more than satisfying to everyone’s taste.

Upstairs Pancake House: Grimburgwal 2, 1012 GA Amsterdam


Sama Sebo

The Rijksmuseum is big and intense, so whether you’re taking a lunch break or you’re done with art for the day, Sama Sebo is the place you want to lay back and indulge in. Holding the title of the oldest Indonesian restaurant in the Netherlands, Sama Sebo offers a lunch menu, a la carte and the traditional Rijsttafel (literally rice table, a meal consisting of dozens of mini-side dishes, designed to cater to every flavor and texture). Indonesia was a former colony of the Netherlands and therefore its cuisine is well developed here, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Sama Sebo:
Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 27, 1071 BL Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

Bagels & Beans

Just a block away from the Van Gogh Museum, Bagels & Beans is a local chain known for its reliable sandwiches and coffee at affordable prices, with ingredients sourced from organic and sustainable farms. Even our writer from New York will admit that the bagels here go some way towards satisfying your cravings – the various toppings are actually quite interesting and adventurous! Not in the mood for sandwiches? The menu includes an array of delicious salads as well.

Bagels & Beans: Van Baerlestraat 40 1071 AZ Amsterdam

The Heineken Experience

Vegan Junk Food Bar

After a few glasses of Heineken, we know you’ll be craving anything deep-fried, meaty or oozing with cheese. That’s where VJFB comes to the rescue. This restaurant will offer you all of that, but slightly healthier and cholesterol free, whilst not compromising on taste. VJFB is extremely popular among vegans and meat-eaters alike, so we recommend you either make a reservation or bring some extra time in case there’s a waiting list. Fun fact, this is also one of the only places in the world where you can get vegan sashimi. Sounds fishy? Try it yourself.

Vegan Junk Food Bar:
Marie Heinekenplein 9, 1072 MH Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam

Café de Magere Brug

After enjoying a few hours at the fantastic Hermitage Museum by the Amstel, you probably won’t want to stray too far from the gorgeous canalside view. This little cafe serves up traditional Dutch pub food like bitterballen and croquettes alongside hearty sandwiches and more accomplished fare. Either way, the fair prices and the location by the canal should be reason enough to stop by this locale for lunch.

Café de Magere Brug: Amstel 81, 1018 EK Amsterdam

Rembrandt House Museum

Soup en Zo

Soup for lunch? Absolutely. This soup joint just around the corner from the Rembrandt House Museum serves up at least eight varieties of the hearty liquid we all love. Not only is the menu seasonal, but it includes organic produce too. From rich shrimp-based stocks to vegan and vegetarian options, Soup en Zo caters to every flavor. Still hungry? Don’t fret, they offer a few types of salads, quiches, cheese knots and fresh bread.

Soup en Zo: Jodenbreestraat 94, 1011 NS Amsterdam


Roopram Roti

If you have lunch near the Tropenmuseum, consider yourself lucky. Just a short walk away will take you to a barebones, authentic and flavorful Surinamese experience. Just like the name mentions, Roopram Roti offers the famous Surinamese dish, roti, an Indian bread wrap served with curried chicken, potatoes, boiled eggs and eggplant. The choice of protein can be customized with vegetarian options such as tempeh or even seafood. It can also be ordered on a plate, so no need to worry about stray sauce on your white shirt. Like the aforementioned Indonesian restaurant, Suriname was once settled by the Dutch, so trying this unique cuisine should be on your list while in Amsterdam!

Roopram Roti: Eerste Van Swindenstraat 4, 1093 GC Amsterdam

That’s the list of best restaurants near museums in Amsterdam. Looking to eat near a museum which wasn’t featured here? Feel free to let us know on Instagram or Facebook! Looking for more vegan options and willing to travel a little further? Have a look here.

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