As a scale-up, we’re constantly growing and looking for young talent to support our journey. So far this year, we’ve welcomed nine interns to the Tiqets family. How’s the company treating them? I (Judd, one of the nine) sat down with Miro, Lisa, Sam, Angélique, Julia, Robin, Lorenzo, and Robert Jan to get some answers.

Why did you choose Tiqets for your internship?

Sam (Finance): I did my previous internship at another successful scale-up. I felt valued and respected, and I learned a lot. After a couple of months at Tiqets, I know I made a good choice.

Angélique (Supply Operations): The job description, the company reviews on Glassdoor, and Tiqets’ social media channels really made me want to work here. Turns out my heavy googling paid off, because Tiqets was exactly what I was looking for!

Lorenzo (Supply Excellence): I study International Business and Management, so I was looking for a company that was international enough – but also open-minded and on the rise. Luckily enough, I knew a fellow student who already worked at Tiqets and told me about the company. I was sold!

What is unique about the work culture at Tiqets?

Miro (Customer Service): I love the vibe within the company. Everyone’s very professional in their work, but there’s a lot of fun too. Moreover, colleagues are always willing to help and support each other. Life at Tiqets is full of friendliness and openness.

Lisa (Business Development): I completely agree, it’s the people. I think human relations really matter in an organisation and, at Tiqets, we excel at that. From the first day, I already felt like I was part of the company and, as an intern, I value that so much.

What do you find special about being a Tiqets intern?

Lorenzo: I agree with what Miro said, everyone’s very supportive, open to communication and willing to help. Additionally, from day one, I’ve felt like I’ve been contributing to the development of team operations. I’m given lots of responsibility, but I also have the freedom to prioritise tasks and decide what to focus on.

Robert Jan (Human Resources): It’s quite unique how people are so open to change. Co-workers are always stimulating each other’s creativity, so any intern in that kind of environment will really thrive.

Julia (Supply Operations): I like the fact that I can work with Italian clients, even though I’m in the Netherlands. More so, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m one of the vital links between our office in Rome and our headquarters in Amsterdam. I’m actually here on an exchange programme, and Tiqets gave me the opportunity to work and gain experience while studying abroad.

How are you implementing the skills you’ve learned during your studies into your day-to-day work?

Robin (Tech): During my studies, I found difficult to apply the knowledge I gained. They were very limited in terms of creating an actual product. However, at Tiqets, I’m finally able to apply a lot of what I learned during my degree and use the skills I acquired in real life. On top of that, I’m constantly seeing a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge that I wasn’t able to gain before. My co-workers are especially supportive of that.

Lorenzo: Helping the team with research, improving hiring and training practices, and creating a strategy with my thesis project – which will eventually become company standard. I’m also showcasing my mastery of Excel by creating really cool tables and reports. As far as I know, no one is complaining about that.

Robert Jan: Planning, prioritising, using all of the theory I’ve absorbed throughout my degree, and bringing a fresh perspective on things. It’s very exciting because I get to implement real changes at Tiqets during my relatively short time here.

What are your plans once you finish your internship?

Lisa: I’ll have to defend my thesis both in France and in Italy, and then I’ll finally finish my university career. This whole procedure will probably take quite a while, so I’ll have to go back to Italy for some time. However, life at Tiqets has been amazing so far. So, who knows, I may be back here very soon.

Miro: I’d love to stay at Tiqets because there are so many interesting projects coming up. My team is also very inspiring, helping me improve my skills and motivating me to do my best every day. That said, I’m definitely going to treat myself with a holiday as a reward for completing my bachelor’s degree. After I return, it’ll be exciting to get back into the business world and continue with my career.

Can you share a fun fact you’ve learned about the company/office while interning at Tiqets so far?

Angélique: We keep on mentioning how international Tiqets is, but it’s no joke. Really. We have folks from at least 30 different nationalities working for the company and I myself speak four languages, but that’s actually quite commonplace here. Life at Tiqets is culturally enriching me, even though my background is already very diverse (Colombian, Greek and French). I’m constantly learning new customs from my co-workers.

Julia: I feel very at home as a young student working for Tiqets. I recently found out that the most common age group at the company is 25-34! It makes for a great environment as an intern, because most of us use the same slang. The communication between departments is excellent.

Thinking of applying for an internship at Tiqets? Check out our careers page and look out for opportunities. For more insight into Tiqets employees, have a look at a few of our previous posts on the subject.

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