We spoke with Maria Paola Chironi, one of our colleagues from customer service, as she shared her day at the office.

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It’s safe to say that we’ve all interacted with customer service at one point or another. Legend has it that you’ll grow old and wrinkly as you wait on hold, hoping someone will take your call. Emails are even scarier: once you’ve sent them, they’re sucked into the Great Void of Silence from which nothing returns.

The list of horror stories is endless, but at Tiqets we want to set a different standard and prove some of these stories, if not all of them, wrong.

One of the ways we do that is by making our service as personal as possible, giving our responses a sincere authenticity that customers appreciate. They understand they’re not just another issue lost in the shuffle of our daily work; they’re someone with a specific and unique situation that needs to be addressed as such.

“Empathy goes a long way”

In my experience, empathy goes a long way with our fellow human beings and I fully embrace that as my personal work mantra. In my eight months as a CS agent at Tiqets, I’ve witnessed first hand that customer service functions at its best with a combination of hard work, precision and a casual environment that welcomes different personalities from all backgrounds.

For example, that precision is invaluable when the same customer contacts us several times using different methods (email, phone, WhatsApp etc.). Our team consistently communicates with each other, meaning we can pick up on nuances and not worry about having to go through the customer’s situation all over again. We work as one unit, so no one notices when a few people have handled their case instead of one.

Another example is if someone starts to have cases piling up because of high season, they can always feel free to ask a colleague for help in order to complete tasks more efficiently. This awareness creates a bond between us and helps share responsibilities.     

This supportive and casual environment fosters trust between us. No matter where you come from, or what language you speak (there are over 15 languages spoken between us!), you are welcome.

“We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes”

One aspect that makes Tiqets’ CS department unique is our focus on interdepartmental cooperation. For example, any new product that’s added to our repertoire is checked by CS first. Meaning, we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and imagine how they would feel reading the information on it. That way we can anticipate the questions they might have regarding the venue. This cooperation is quite common within the company, so our unique customer insight is highly valued and taken advantage of often by other departments.

In addition to the common work collaborations with other departments, we socialize with our coworkers quite often. For example, during company pizza and beers a couple times a month or our regular Friday evening drinks.

As for our own interdepartmental fun, we have the occasional team activity night, which can be anything from escape rooms to board game night extravaganzas.

In my experience at Tiqets, this role is a great opportunity if you’re starting out your career, or if you’re looking for a great job while you finish your studies. Students are a core part of our CS team since the flexible working hours are perfect for combining work with demanding university assignments.

Last, but not least, another great thing about working at Tiqets is the excitement of being a part of one of The Netherlands’s top scale-up companies. Everything is fast-paced and exciting, which is a pleasure to work in.

Our company motto is to make culture more accessible, so of course, we start with our own office culture first! We are free to share our ideas, no matter how outlandish they are. I really appreciate that the hierarchy is flat and I can approach anyone with my recommendations and suggestions. This idea-sharing is integral to our company culture.

For example, one of the coolest things happening at Tiqets, which I happily took part in was the Creative Week. During this week we flex our creative muscles and share and vote on ideas, which can be implemented into our products. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s just one more reason that makes Tiqets special.  

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