From February 9th until March 10th 2019, step into a South American spectacular just thirty minutes outside of London! Kew Gardens’ annual Orchid Festival this year focuses on the sights, smells, street art and of course, plant life of Colombia.  

Close up of orchid flowers

From snowy-topped mountains to sparkling white beaches, to rich, thriving rainforests, it’s a country with a fascinating diversity of species, including over 4,000 kinds of orchids alone. Lots of it is represented here.

Walk through the botanical garden’s tropical greenhouse and into The Prince of Wales Conservatory, and be sure to look up in the glasshouse. Hundreds of butterflies, usually found fluttering around Colombia’s rivers have found a new home, suspended from the ceiling.

If you’ve never seen a flying toucan made of orchids, you can cross that one off your bucket list here too. The ‘Carnival of Animals’ also includes a sloth and a group of swimming turtles all constructed out of orchids.

Colombia’s famous rainbow river, Caño Cristalesm is here too, represented by beautiful hanging vandas. And if you see a few jaguars in the forest, don’t panic, they’re also made of flowers.

Tuck into tea and cake and feast your eyes on the murals in the glasshouse film room, now a Colombian style cafe covered in street art. If it wasn’t for all the British accents around, you might feel like you’re in Bogota itself.

Don’t miss this annual treat at one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, and the rare opportunity to visit Colombia with nothing but a smartphone ticket and an Oyster card! You never know what the theme will be next year.

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Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks

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Becky Wicks