Managing operations in Tiqets’ top-performing countries isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. That’s why you need a team of pros to tackle it – and you don’t get any better than Kim de Lumley Woodyear and Cristina Rius-Camprubi, our Market Coordinators for France and Spain respectively. About to embark on their new roles as Account Managers, they sat down with us to talk about their day-to-day tasks and how promoting a country’s ever-changing culture is the biggest reward (and challenge) of all.

Tiqets Cristina Barcelona

What first attracted you to the role? What appealed to you about Tiqets as a company?

C: Tiqets was for me the OTA which was really interested in getting to know museums and venues first-hand. I saw Tiqets as a company that cared about helping its partners, and that would agree to discuss with them the strategy to increase sales for next year.

The market coordinator position came to me as a role where I could merge my methodological personality with the chance to work closely with our partners.

K: I always wanted to work for an international & dynamic startup like Tiqets. I was hoping to be part of something big where I could get a lot of responsibilities, and where I could help make culture more accessible. It was also very important for me to find a company with the same business culture as me.

As for the position of Market Coordinator itself, many things attracted me. It was a mix of things I liked in my previous job and things I wanted to develop. Managing inventory for French venues, maintaining a strong relationship with our partners, and making sure that all the French products are displayed correctly.

What were your first few months in the role like?

Tiqets Kim Dominique Paris

C: We held the Barcelona Remarkable Venue Awards during my first week, and some weeks after that I flew to Amsterdam HQ to get to know everyone. Time flew by in the first few months as a Market Coordinator!

K: On my first week, I went to the Amsterdam office. I had a full training and meetings with each department. It was great to meet all my new colleagues. Two weeks after I started as a Tiqeteer, we hosted our Remarkable Venue Awards in Paris. Thanks to this event, I was able to introduce myself to all our current partners. It was definitely a great way to start.

What is it like working remotely (i.e. outside Amsterdam HQ)?

C: Working far from your colleagues makes communication essential, which is why we have different communication channels in the company. Everyone is aware of the long distances involved, so communication flows pretty easily. And we’ve got Zoe for those cases where we need an extra hand to talk to someone!

K: I really enjoy working from the Paris office. A great atmosphere and team spirit are very important, as there are only three of us at the moment. We get along very well, we have lunch together almost every day, and enjoy drinks from time to time.

I’m in contact with the Amsterdam office on a daily basis, and always get the support I need from my colleagues in the Netherlands. We get to visit Amsterdam frequently too. It’s a great way to see everyone, to have face to face meetings and training.    

Do you have any special highlights during your time in the role?

Tiqets Market Coordinator Kim Paris

C: I’ve had the help of some amazing people in Tiqets during my time as a Market Coordinator, who helped me get better and settled in the role.

K: Every day is different as a Market Coordinator and that’s why it’s great. If I had to choose a highlight, I’ll say the 2018 Remarkable Venue Awards in Paris that I organized along with my colleague Dominique.

What was the most challenging aspect of your work? How did you overcome it?

C: There are times when there are a lot of issues to care of, and each of these issues is urgent; inventory, closures, CS issues, venues’ last minute requests, etc. During those times, I take a step back, list all my duties and I prioritize them, or as a wise man once told me “Drink tea and carry on”.

K: The most challenging aspect of the work is to always be on top of every product, to make sure they are showing the right information, prices, exhibitions, content, which exhibition will work, when are people going to museums etc…

What lessons have you learned during your time as a Market Coordinator?

C: I’ve learnt lessons every day, so I’d say it’s important to keep learning something new every day!

K: As I said earlier on, every day is different as a Market Coordinator. I’ve learned that you should be very organised and know how to prioritise things. You never know what will come up the next day.

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