Have you come up with a unique way to attract customers? Chances are Performance Marketing are way ahead of you! There’s no team more keyed into how Tiqets is doing second by second, and their work guarantees that we’re constantly searching for ways to improve our reach across different channels.

We spoke to Anita Markic, Head of Performance Marketing, to get a better idea of what this close-knit team has achieved over the past year and how their different skills make them a force to be reckoned with.

First of all, tell us a little about yourself

I’m Anita and I’ve been working at Tiqets for just over a year. I love performance marketing, data, e-commerce and travel – and Tiqets combines all those passions!

Can you give us a brief summary of what your team works on?

My team is responsible for bringing demand to our platforms (the Tiqets website and app). We work on traditional performance marketing channels like paid and unpaid search, retention, social and affiliate & partnerships. We continuously strive to get more people to our platforms and, as a result, bring more customers to our venues.

What is an average day like in your team? How has it changed over the last year?

The work has changed a lot, especially over the last 6 months, as the company and the regions we cover are expanding quickly. Our day-to-day tasks involve optimizing our ROI (return on investment), coming up with new opportunities, and improving and monitoring performance across all channels.

We also work closely with our Supply, Content, and Tech teams on a daily basis to find ways to improve our customer experience.

How would you describe your team’s working style and dynamic?

We have a very international team and a lot of expertise across different channels. Everything is a joint effort: we all help each other, share our knowledge and best practices.

Does your team get up to anything fun outside (or inside) work?

Last quarter the PPC team won a Bing prize, and the whole team went to the Winter Efteling as a reward! That was a lot of fun.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

To work with such an amazing and talented team! Another rewarding aspect of performance marketing is growing the business, working together to achieve goals and celebrate successes.

Do you have some advice for someone who would like to work in Marketing at Tiqets?

Get in touch! We are always looking for marketing talent. We are currently looking for people who are specialists or want to specialize in one of our marketing channels!

What is your favorite thing about working at Tiqets?

My team! There is no one favorite thing. The international atmosphere, the product itself,  but from a marketing perspective also the fact of building a global marketing machine with customers from all over the world!

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