Today we’re interviewing what is possibly the most close-knit team at Tiqets. A self-described family, Business Development (BizDev) are always up for a little fun. But don’t let that cheerful facade fool you. These guys break sales records month after month and network like the true professionals they are. 

We spoke to Patricia Lucha Serrano, our Partnership Manager, and Liam Prince, the team’s Affiliate Manager, to get the inside scoop on their daily challenges and what it takes to join the BizDev ranks.

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First of all, tell us a bit about yourself!

Patricia: I’m from Valencia, in Spain. I started out at Tiqets as a Customer Service intern back in 2016. I was then promoted to Team Leader. Now I’m in BizDev, which is an exciting challenge. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, so Tiqets is the perfect place to be!

Liam: I’m from the UK and grew up just north of London. I studied Marketing, and spent a few years working in affiliate networks before moving to a marketing agency in London. I came to work at Tiqets as soon as I moved to the Netherlands, and have been here for about 4 months. I enjoy watching football, playing football (anything football related really), spending time with my friends, and meeting new people.

Can you give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

Patricia: As Partnership Manager, I take care of existing affiliate partners and act as the first point of contact for any issues or advice they might need. The main aim is to nurture each individual relationship and dedicate the time and effort necessary so that both the partner and we, as a company, can grow together.

Liam: I’m the Affiliate Manager. At Tiqets we have our own internal affiliate network, mostly dealt with by Patricia on the partnership side and the rest of the team on the acquisition side of things. I focus on external affiliate networks, managing relationships with affiliate partners and the affiliate network, and working together to onboard and collaborate with partners as effectively as possible. Right now that’s live across eight regions: the UK, the US, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. We’re looking to roll out into more regions in the coming months, and we really need some help to deal with the sheer amount of growth!

What does an average day In BizDev looks like?

Patricia: We always start with a stand-up, where everyone shares what they achieved the day before and the goals we have for the day ahead. It’s also the time to share any news or personal achievements relevant to the team.

Liam: This part’s really important, as we have a couple of remote workers on the team (Marius in Copenhagen and Rieg in Paris), so it makes communication easier. It’s good for them to feel part of the team as much as possible!

Patricia: After that, I kick things off by following up on partner emails and calls to see how they’re getting on. This is the key time to check on retaining partners and explore methods to help them grow. 

Liam: I like to split my day into different parts. I first tend to do some recruitment in different regions. Some regions are recent additions, so it’s necessary to spend time finding new partners in those networks. Then it’s time to check on how our current partners are performing and discuss ways in which we can optimize their performance and create additional opportunities to increase it.

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What’s the team dynamic like? Do you get up to anything fun?

Patricia: It’s fantastic! There’s a great atmosphere within the team – it feels like we’ve all known each other for a long time, even though Liam just joined 5 months ago! We’re like a small family: we talk a lot, share everything and have lunch together every day.

Liam: We had quite a few BBQs in the park over the summer, but we’ll have to come up with alternative plans now that the weather’s changed. There are also monthly dinners, drinks… everyone gets on and socializes quite a lot.

Patricia: There’s also time spent teaching each other different languages (some more successfully than others!).

Liam: We also eat out sometimes for lunch on Fridays. The Breakfast Club is especially nice around here. Or IKEA! We take the car and go to IKEA to have some meatballs and, if it’s nice, we’ll go to the rooftop bar to have a drink and relax.

Patricia: But not too much! Once lunch is done it’s straight back to business!

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

Patricia: From my side it’s coming up with ideas that can help partners to sell more, and to get better – sometimes it’s not easy because they’re doing so well already, but we still want to do our best to help. Many of them look up to you to provide that insight. It’s another thing that shows the value in our partnership, the level of service we provide.

Liam: The fact that we’re essentially dealing with 8 different markets, so you’ve got to have an individual strategy for each one and can’t approach them in the same way. Each market has differences in the way they’re established, some prefer different kinds of content, others prefer higher discount codes and lower commissions (or vice versa)… you need to make sure you have as much knowledge on each individual market as possible.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Patricia: To see that our suggested strategies are working and that partners are satisfied. It also doesn’t hurt when they come back with an email thanking you for your help!

Liam: I’d say just seeing sales going up is rewarding, especially when you notice that BizDev team sales are increasing every month. It’s amazing to see the hard work paying off and having it recognized within the company. Everyone internally never fails to congratulate us personally. Being recognized by your peers is incredibly rewarding.

What is your favorite thing about working at Tiqets?

Patricia: That, aside from your daily tasks, there’s always something different going on. I’d also say the office atmosphere – and my team of course!

Liam: Coming in every day, with lots of smiling faces (like Patricia’s) makes it a very welcoming environment. You can always count on your colleagues to cheer you up if you’re having a bad day.

Do you have any good advice for anyone interviewing at Tiqets?

Liam: Laugh at the manager’s dad jokes and prepare some of your own! 

Patricia: Being yourself is the most important thing: be confident and show your sense of humor. Dad jokes are an added bonus.

Liam: Everyone’s very different, but we all get along. The diversity adds a lot to the team. Don’t try and conform to anything, we’re all very individual but still have fantastic relationships with each other.

What’s the main trait a BizDev employee should have?

Liam: Not taking yourself too seriously. Otherwise you’ll be too stressed.

Patricia: Knowing that you can’t control people’s reactions. You can tell a partner what to do or the best approach to take, but it’s up to them to take that advice on board. Be straightforward and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Essentially, have a Dutch attitude, be direct. Some people don’t respond to emails, sometimes you’ve just got to have the courage to pick up the phone.

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