Fireworks let rip in the skies of Dublin in late October, and the Irish capital is well known for its creepy craziness. Planning to dress to distress and head out trick or treating? Here are a few ideas to get you into the ‘spirit’ of Halloween in Dublin.

Blindfold the kids for The Macnas Parade

It’s kind of like the MACY’s Thanksgiving Parade, only scarier, with way more things to make children cry. The Macnas Parade marches into Dublin on Halloween and fills the streets with huge, terrifying, and awesome floats, populated by dancing troops dressed in costumes. You’ll need your selfie-sticks for this one – when else will you get to snap yourself before a fire-breathing, 8-foot owl, or a she-wolf on stilts? (We’re kidding about the blindfolds).

When: 29 October

Fear The Bram Stoker Festival

The wealthy north Dublin suburb of Clontarf was home to Bram Stoker, the author of the vampire novel, Dracula. Dubliner’s love ‘owning’ Bram, (even though he moved to an even-rainier London), and the annual Bram Stoker Festival promises fang-tastic fun for everyone (sorry – Editor). 

When: October 26-29

Did you know…

Halloween was born from the Irish harvest festival, Samhain? On the night that blurred the living and the dead, Celtic festival-goers would burn piles of wood and don scary costumes to ward off evil spirits.

All aboard the Gravediggers Ghost Bus

Perfect for Halloween, the Gravediggers Ghost Bus ride into the Middle Ages is boosted by a costumed Dubliner with more than a few jokes up his Dracula-sleeves. He’ll tell you how the Mayor tried to keep the Plague away from Dublin, why the victims bathed in the city’s drinking water (seriously?) and other tales to leave you terrified. You’ll probably bond with your group over the sheer hilarity of the night, which is good because the tour ends with a free ‘Ghoulish Drink’ at the Gravediggers Pub. Cheers to that!

When: Every night at 19:45

Enchanted Halloween at Malahide Castle

Kids eaten too much Halloween candy? Exhaust all the preservatives and Red Dye #7 out of them with a trip to Malahide Castle, which is even more ‘hauntingly’ beautiful at Halloween. They’ll love Magic Door’s special immersive storytelling, complete with spooky sounds. They’ll also love chatting with the Puck the Jester and interacting with the paintings. You know what you’ll love? The fact that there’s also a bar. Everybody wins!

When: 27 – 31 October

Hit the Horror Expo Ireland

Horror Expo Ireland returns for the third year to Dublin’s Sugar Club. Everything here is creepy and designed to freak you out; think ancient rituals, scary make up and SFX demonstrations, live paranormal ‘investigations’, gothic artwork, spine-chilling stories, dark erotica, and special guests.

When: 25 October

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Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks

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Becky Wicks