Marketing & Communications have just celebrated their one-year anniversary. To get the inside scoop on how Tiqets’ newest department is getting along, we spoke to team leader Marion Wolff about their responsibilities, challenges and why it’s always important to start the day with a cup of coffee (or five!).

Marion Marketing and Communications

First of all, tell us about the woman behind Marketing & Communications, aka yourself.

I’ve been working at Tiqets for almost a year now. Since I used to work on the venue side (Van Gogh Museum, Hermitage) as well as on the OTA side (VELTRA), I knew Tiqets pretty well. I was always a bit jealous of the great stuff Tiqets was doing to make culture more accessible – and now I’m working on that daily too, which is awesome.

Let’s start with the basics – how would you describe your role at Tiqets – in complete layman’s terms?

It’s like being a spider in the web between Marketing, Supply and Product. Within Marketing & Communications, we look after venue marketing. We build and cultivate relationships with our venues, help our great team of city managers, create marketing plans to do even cooler stuff with the venues, and translate the venues’ and customers’ needs on the product side. Besides that, we also look after PR, campaigns, events and branding, etc.

Tell me more about your team. Who does what?

I have two great teammates, Dominique and Fransje.

Fransje has a mixed role. She works part-time on marketing communication tasks and is involved in our new office project. Also very important: she’s organizing our summer party and the Tiqets Remarkable Ski Adventure.

Dominique is a Tiqets allrounder! Right now she’s busy with next year’s Tiqets Remarkable Venue Awards events and our monthly internal newsletter, the Tiqer. She also helps on the employer branding side. And together we work on several projects to add value to our venues.

What is an average day in your team?

Every day is different, but we always start with coffee! We chat about what’s going on – it’s a girl-power team after all 😉 . On Mondays, we have our stand-up to inform each other on what we’re working on. During the week we work on different projects, one day it could be that someone in the team is writing a press release, the other day you’re working closely with Design to create a presentation on a new marketing future.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your department since you joined? Is there any achievement you’re particularly proud of?

The department didn’t even exist a year ago – it’s always changing! We’ve done a lot in the last months. I’m proud of the great collaborations with some of the world’s greatest venues and marketing tools we developed. And, of course, there’s the Tiqets Remarkable Venues Awards. It was a lot of work, but it definitely paid off.

How’s the communication with other departments?

Communication within Tiqets is easy. There’s a good team vibe and working in an open office space helps. Although we’re growing fast as a company, I think we do pretty well on this part. Thumbs up for us at Tiqets.

What best practices do you try to implement in your day-to-day work?

I wake up early. Then I list my ‘crucial results for the day’ and try to balance between the analytic and the creative sides of the job.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in 2018?

We have challenges daily – if it weren’t challenging it’d be boring.

What qualities does someone need to fit in the Marketing & Communications team?

Team player, hands-on and creative. Again, every day is different and we have a lot of varied projects to work on. Keep an eye on our careers page: we’ll be hiring soon!

What makes Tiqets different?

Is that a question? We’re not a reseller, but a true partner to venues. Together with them, we offer the best product and online customer experience.

Tiqets is such a seamless and instant mobile booking experience for the customer. When you don’t know what to do while out and about in a city, you can simply open the Tiqets app and be inspired. For instance: did you know that we offer all of Gaudí’s venues?

Want to join the Marketing team at Tiqets? Check out our Jobs page now!

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