Every couple of months the team at Tiqets sets aside a couple of days to work on new projects that fall outside the normal workflow, also known as Crazy Days. Some of those projects never see the light of day, others lay the groundwork for new features and improvements. And some are just good for team morale.

The goal, of course, is to make projects that are guaranteed winners, but there’s plenty of flexibility to experiment.

It’s fun to work on these interdepartmental teams and follow your own inspiration, or that of one of your colleagues. As long as these proposed projects help “make culture more accessible” just about anything goes.

But what does that mean exactly?

So what happens during Crazy Days?

A fast-growing scaleup like Tiqets needs to stay focused on its primary goals, but we recognize the importance of cross-company input; the freedom to develop ideas and pet projects can be a positive thing by a number of metrics.

In April, our most recent Crazy Days, Nir from the Product Team, pictured below to the right with our Head of Content Guil, wanted to look at solving an issue: sometimes people don’t read the written instructions for how to get to a venue, and then get frustrated when they try to turn up and things aren’t straightforward.

And with thousands of products all over the world, it’s not always straightforward.

Nir asked Peter and Ryan to create a video. And, as excellent colleagues and all-around great people, they agreed enthusiastically!

Ryan has a background as an actor, improviser and video presenter, and Peter has worked in film production, so they were the perfect peopple to take on this task. But they needed an Amsterdam venue that is less than straightforward to get to. Enter the A’DAM Toren.

Getting to the A’DAM Toren

The Amsterdam Tower, in Amsterdam North, isn’t the hardest venue to get to, but it does have enough difficulties and surprises (a ferry? From the backend of Central Station???) that it was a good candidate to test the “getting-in video” idea.

So armed with only an iPhone and their wits, intrepid duo set out to visit Amsterdam North. They had no script, so they, in industry parlance ad-libbed the dialogue and experimented, in an effort to convey that relaxed Tiqets spirit. Plus, this was a Crazy Days project – so of course there’s plenty of room to play.

They spent an afternoon filming. Then Peter edited it together, and what you get is the video below.

Need to go to the A’DAM Toren? Well, here’s exactly how to get inside, and what you can expect.

Have venues you want a video made for? Leave a comment below! We do requests!

And, if you want to join us for the next Crazy Days, make sure to check out our Jobs page!

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