A trip to Amsterdam can be made memorable with the following popular activities:

  • A tasting menu of weapons-grade cannabis at a smokey coffeeshop
  • Narrowly avoiding dismemberment by oncoming traffic in the cycle path
  • A cruise on the canals or pondering the very best in Dutch fine art
  • Mowing down hordes of zombies with high powered firearms

Yep, you read that correctly. Amsterdam is under siege by a hungry plague of flesh eating zombies. At least this is the impression you will get after a visit to the recently opened Amsterdam VR Arcade in the north of the city. Anyone looking to inject a healthy dose of adrenaline into their Amsterdam adventure should put this top of their to-do list.  I paid this unique attraction a visit, and like a hapless zombie caught in a shotgun crosshair, I was blown away.

Amsterdam VR Arcade 03

Finding the Amsterdam VR Arcade

The VR Arcade is located in the fittingly barren landscape of Amsterdam Noord, just a five-minute ferry from behind Central Station. Upon disembarking the ferry, the colorful culture hub of Amsterdam city-center is replaced with empty construction sites, circling birds, and grinding, thumping industrial noises. You couldn’t hope for a more post-apocalyptic ambiance to get you in the mood to shoot zombies with a group of friends. By the time I reached the arcade itself, I was already looking over my shoulder for the stumbling groaning undead. A passing stag party on day-three of their weekend bender sent shivers down my spine. I was in the right place…

Amsterdam VR Arcade 02

Having given these walking dead the slip, I found my way to the doors of The VR Arcade. Once inside, I was greeted by a friendly member of staff in a shabby-chic bar/lounge area. After some brief instructions, a stiff drink, and a tactical discussion with my team mates, we were each armed and lead down to the underground zombie chamber. We pulled down our VR headsets, and the large empty basement was replaced with a spooky virtual world: one we knew was infested with all manner of ghoulish horrors. An ominous bell toll heralded the beginning of the nightmarish fun.

Amsterdam VR Arcade 01With the virtual world being rendered in front of me, and increasingly horrifying monsters appearing in waves, I had to run and gun my way through creepy graveyards, haunted mansions, and an abandoned castle. To the spectators watching from the viewing area, I was merely frolicking around an empty basement, but it was very real to me! We all emerged battle weary, sweaty, and unanimously demanding more. I can’t recommend this enough.

The VR Arcade is truly one of the highlights of any trip to Amsterdam, and is perfect for team building, stag/hen-dos, or anyone who enjoys shooting zombies to smithereens at close quarters. Make sure you reserve well in advance, as spots get booked up quickly.

And always remember to look behind you…

Once you’ve saved the city at the Amsterdam VR Arcade, why not check out other things to do?

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Oscar O'Connor

Oscar O'Connor

Oscar is an Irish copywriter who likes to wax philosophical about music, culture, and all things football. His natural habitats include beer gardens, parks, cafes, and snackbars around his beloved Amsterdam.
Oscar O'Connor