At Tiqets we like to do things a little differently, whether it’s changing the way people enter museums and attractions around the world or thinking about how we spend time together as a team, we’ve never been afraid to do things our own way.

For example, while we lunch together daily, make the most of our Friday drinks and turn out in force for our bi-weekly regular pizza & beer sessions, some of us felt that what we really needed was to spend a whole chunk of time together – outside of the office, and away from our laptops. And if we’re going to do that, why not do it somewhere spectacular?

And then our ski trip organizers set to work creating something truly remarkable: a weekend skiing all together in the Austrian snow!

Next stop… Kaprun!

The location was chosen: Kaprun, near Salzburg. It’s a year-round sporting destination and, with the Kitzsteinhorn glacier looming over it, an ideal ski destination. Off we went, with good times on our minds.

How much fun was it? Well, considering it was a 13-hour bus ride each way and we somehow managed to turn that into a good time, I’d have to say we did even better than expected!

Consistent self-improvement (and non-stop good times)

Though everyone on the bus was excited about the trip, not all of us were on the trip were ski enthusiasts. In fact, some of us had never strapped on the signature stiff boots of the downhill snow slider. Fortunately, on the morning of day one, lessons were ready – so even the greenest of us could get to grips with the basics and then spend some time putting our newfound skills to the test.

The newbies may not have done any huge jumps, but they sure did get the chance to rip it up nonetheless. Plus, with all the laughing and falling, they really got to know each other better! Our Content Editor Maike said “It’s rare to see almost a whole company going on a ski trip, with so many different nationalities enjoying their time together. It was a tiring weekend but I think nobody felt the tiredness or the sore muscles because we gave each other energy!

That unbeatable team photo

Of course, we did our best to document the trip. So, as you’ll see, there are plenty of good photos, though perhaps the team photo above deserves special recognition. It must surely be one-of-a-kind! A Dutch company surrounded by actual mountains? It’s the unicorn of staff photos!

We got more than a few looks in our white Tiqets gear. Luckily conditions were pretty clear, otherwise we might have lost a few team members in the fog.

Aprés-ski champions

Tiqets in the snow

As hard as we skied during the day, we hit the aprés-ski just as hard. From impromptu dance parties to late night tobogganing, we made the most of it. For some of us, who made merry well into the night, it made the early mornings to hit the slopes a little, shall we say, tricky. But the fact is: you can’t have skiing without après-ski – even the newbies among us understood that!

Besides, this was the opportunity for us to really get to know each other (some of us work in offices as far away from Amsterdam as Philadelphia and Vienna), so we were all keen to make the most of the time we had. That involved chats, laughter, chicken schnitzels, and a beer or two. As City Coordinator Michelle said, “This trip made me realize once more how much I like working with these colleagues. That for me is the best thing about working at Tiqets.

A team bonding adventure in the snow

Office Manager Fransje (aka the ecstatic skier you see above) sums up the feeling of the weekend. And that joy and excitement lasted even on the bus trip home. After a weekend of great ski conditions, even better parties, and lots of big laughs we returned home to some well-deserved rest (you know it’s a good weekend when you’re more tired upon your return than when you left)!

We’ll leave the last word to our CEO Luuc, who said of the trip This ski trip was more than amazing. Of course it was crazy fun, but most importantly I saw so many people talking who don’t usually get to speak much with each other. I am so unbelievably proud of our people, who all help in forming this culture. Knowing and understanding each other – being faster, more innovative and flexible – is the key to achieving our goal of connecting more people to the most magnificent venues in the world!

Does Tiqets sound like the kind of company YOU’d like to work for?

We’re always looking for more talented, enthusiastic people willing to climb mountains with us. Check out what jobs are up for grabs now!

Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks

Itchy-footed writer Becky has lived and worked in London, New York, Dubai, Sydney and Bali. She started freelancing in 2010 and has collaborated with top brands such as Microsoft, GQ, TripAdvisor, Hello!, Tiqets, HTC, PayPal, eBay, MTV... the list goes on and on! Traveling is a way of life, and Becky has it down to a fine art!
Becky Wicks