At Tiqets we take travel and culture seriously.

And the only way to do that effectively, and continue to shake up the ticketing industry, is to have fun (while working hard together on shared goals). That’s why we have a culture where creativity, innovation, and hard work are rewarded, and great results are achieved.

It’s been that way since we were founded as a small startup in 2014. And we’ve kept going that way through our rapid growth and expansion. We’ve maintained it in the transition from startup to scale up. And our culture is still key as we become a force that’s changing the way people access culture, entertainment, and attractions around the globe.

The fact is, our employee culture is helping us succeed. So, rather than leave them undefined, we quantified and categorized them.

Here they are…

Our North Star

User-focused – By working with our desired result (happy customers) in mind, we make better decisions in every stage of the process

Our Values

  • Teamwork – Together we’re stronger, and we all have our part to play, and help out where needed
  • Passion – We’re proud of our brand, and committed to delivering our best in every aspect of our work
  • Integrity – We stand behind everything we do, and when things don’t go our way, we take responsibility


How We Work

  • Honest communication – We speak up for what we believe in, give clear feedback, and appreciate respectful disagreement
  • Innovative thinking – We create the best solutions by taking smart risks, trying new things and challenging assumptions
  • Strive for excellence – Good enough isn’t good enough; we do our best at every opportunity

Why cultural values matter

What makes cultural values so important to us at Tiqets? There are a lot of reasons of course.

Here are just some of them:

  • Decision-making: Core values help with decision-making. For example, if your North Star is ‘user-focused’ then any enhancement or feature that doesn’t improve the experience for the user can be deprioritized or eliminated.
  • Identity: Core values educate clients, partners, potential hires and possible customers about who Tiqets is and what we care about. It helps us communicate when we have a set of specific core values that we can point to and say “These things are what we care about most.”
  • Recruitment and retention: Values are an effective recruitment and retention tool. Job applicants can easily research potential companies online. So having our values readily available means these people can immediately find out whether Tiqets is a good cultural fit. And our values should resonate with the right candidates, making working with us more appealing to them.
  • Internal orientation: Having (and naming) shared values strengthen internal cohesion. We find that when employees’ values are aligned, people understand one another much better, and everyone knows what should be worked on and why.
  • Cultural continuity: Making values explicit (and hiring – at least in part – for those values) both develops and maintains the internal culture. This is key, as our company is growing rapidly. Plus, a common purpose and understanding helps us build and maintain great working relationships. In turn, these positive relationships reinforce the values, and so on in a virtuous circle.

Curious? There’s a lot more to learn about us!

Learn more about our company and people or, if you’re already excited, go and check out our Jobs page

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Ryan Millar

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