Tiqets, with its curated marketplace of top-notch tourist destinations around the world, is your go-to destination for remarkable travel experiences. But the personal convenience is not the only benefit of buying with Tiqets.

Let’s say you’ve saved up all year, booked time off work months in advance, and you show up at a bucket-list destination like Rome’s Colosseum, ready to experience one of the most charismatic buildings in history… and there’s a huuuuuge line!

Luckily, because you bought your ticket with Tiqets, you can avoid standing in line with the flock of sweaty midwestern tourists and scoot straight inside. That’s the power of Tiqets, right?

Yes! Well, not entirely – by virtue of our business model, Tiqets is working to promote sustainability in the travel industry.

Sustainability in travel

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m actually saving the world right now”

Saving the planet is a tough task. Where to start? Polar ice caps? Fossil fuels? Plastic bags? There’s so much to do that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

In reality, the only practical pathway to true sustainability is in making small changes to your everyday routines and practises, wherever you can. And at Tiqets, we do that by working towards a paperless future.

As a completely digital service, Tiqets makes paper tickets a thing of the past. Maybe the environmental impact of that little slip of paper never crossed your mind, but every year, the world consumes around 500 million metric tons of paper, and each sheet of A4 takes a terrifying five liters of water to produce!

Making a Roman Holiday Sustainable

“Honey, remember to tweet about how many trees we just saved”

Let’s say on that city break to Rome you and your family also go to the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon and Etruscan Museum. That’s four tickets times five venues. That’s 100 liters of water – almost enough to fill a standard bathtub twice!

Clearly, anything we can do to reduce these numbers is going to reduce the ‘resource load’, which will have a positive impact for future generations. And though it may not seem like much at the time, cutting out paper ticketing can have a massive effect. Consider that venues like the Louvre sell around 9 million of them every year (approximately 900,000 bathtubs, if you’re still counting).

What’s more, by providing industry-leading customer service, offering exclusive skip-the-line perks, and ensuring a hassle-free visitor experience, Tiqets turns first-time buyers into loyal users.

And as more and more customers are discovering the convenience of smartphone ticketing, that means better travel experiences for them, and less wasted water and paper. We’re proud to be leading this industry-wide change, and to be inspiring others to think cleaner and greener.

Small Steps, Lasting Change

“When you’re older, this will all be dead”

Instead of changing your life completely, it’s important to understand the power of the small changes we can make overnight. Even if it’s something as simple as using a smartphone ticket instead of printing a paper one – if enough people make the switch, something that was a drain on the environment can be countered.

Any traveler worth their salt knows to ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’. Now it’s time to think about what you can give back as you travel, and look for ways to offset and mitigate the burden we all place on our planet. Sure, it’s a small step, but small steps do make a difference when enough people realize their benefits.

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