Much as we’re loath to admit it, it’s still winter and that means snow. Christmas may be gone, but long nights, gloomy mornings, and sub-zero temperatures are here to stay. It’s not all doom and gloom though, sometimes winter can be pretty… well, pretty — especially when you see your city transformed by a generous sprinkling of the crystallized cold white stuff.

At Tiqets, we’re looking on the bright(er) side of inclement weather and trawling Instagram for the snowiest shots of our top venues. Check out our favorites below!

The Eiffel Tower

We’ll always have Paris, but we’ll only have snow in the City of Lights very occasionally. Climbing the city’s famous tower in the middle of a blizzard is certainly a magical experience, and you can enjoy totally unique views of the French capital from the top.  You never know – you might even see a Parisian smile!

Park Güell

Barcelona is admittedly more famous for its scorching heat than its wintertime chill. But once in a blue moon, the Catalonian gods sprinkle the capital with pure-white snow, and Gaudí’s architecture somehow looks even more surreal. A snowy stroll through his technicolor dream-park is something to be savored, and if you get there early enough, you’ll have the whole place to yourself – first tracks.

The Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam’s UNESCO-protected canals look stunning all year round, even when you’re getting soaked by the notoriously Dutch Drizzle.  But the snow takes things to the next level, pushing Amsterdam into legitimate fairytale-wonderland territory. The legendary Rijksmuseum still attracts eye-watering queues even when it’s snowed under – but with Tiqets you can skip the line and get toasty in no time!

London Zoo

Business as usual for the penguins, but for the rest of the residents of Britain’s biggest zoo, it’s a definite change of scenery. You can admire the zookeepers’ conservation efforts and learn all about their specialist breeding progra… OH HOLY SHIT, IT’S A MONKEY HOLDING A SNOWBALL!!!

The Guggenheim

New York’s most famous gallery already looks like an inverted igloo (sort of), but those  Frank Lloyd Wright-designed curves look extra special after a heavy snowfall. Brave the bitter NY winter and you can get cultural without the crowds before climbing to the roof to take in your very own Fairytale of New York.


Marni meets ⛄️ #sfmoma @sfmoma #sfmoman

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Ok, so it officially hasn’t snowed in San Francisco since 1976. But that hasn’t stopped the city’s Museum of Modern Art from getting in on the frosty fun. Their latest exhibit, affectionately dubbed the ‘SFMoMan’ (see what they did there?) is essentially a snowman standing in a freezer. No wait, that’s exactly what it is – but now you can enjoy a taste of winter while feeling extra-smug about that balmy Californian climate. Win-win!

How has the winter transformed your city? Share your favorite snowy snaps with us on Instagram!



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