Winter clearly isn’t over in New York. The first snowfall of the season sparked plenty of holiday cheer for those staying in the Tri-State Area, but it turns out snow isn’t just for Christmas. 2018 has already charged in with plenty of chilly warnings, blustering winds and pom pom snow people DIYs – and that’s just the start of it.

New Yorkers may have a love/hate relationship with the white stuff, but there’s no doubt that even a small dusting transforms the city into a veritable winter wonderland. Instagram captured some of the best moments, so sit back, relax, and be thankful you’re not the one outside!

1) For once the High Line wasn’t busy!

2) Cold weather is good news for hot coffee vendors

3) Note to self: using taxis as sledges may not be the best idea

To sled or not to sled….that is the question?!

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 4) Uploading to Instagram is far more important than avoiding snow bombs

5) Let’s play spot the The Brooklyn Bridge

6) Another person who forgot to buy quinoa

7)  Rockefeller Center is clearly 2018’s snow day winner!

Stories are made from moments like this.

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