Tiqets is growing fast, and there are always lots of new faces in the office. It’s hard enough to get to know everyone even when you work here! But we thought it would also be interesting for blog readers to get to know a few of the faces around here. Last week we sat down with Pia and Maike, two German trainees, and got to know them. This week we sat down with Maria and Enric, trainees in the Marketing Department.the tiqets interns

Please introduce yourself – name, age, where you’re from etc.

MARIA: I’m 24 from the north of France. I did my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Marketing at Rotterdam School of Management. My traineeship is until mid-January, and then I’ll be staying here on a contract. I do SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

ENRIC: It’s a similar story for me. I’m Enric, I’m 25, from Barcelona. I started on 1 September and will stay through to February. I don’t know what happens then… I did my Bachelor’s in Economics at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and my Master’s in Marketing at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

How did you find out about the opportunity here?

M: I found it on Magnet.me. I saw that it was in SEA, an area that I wanted more experience. Plus I saw that being French would offer some ‘added value’, so I applied.

E: I also saw it on Magnet.me. A friend actually forwarded it to me, thought it would be a good fit. They were right!

How do you like it here? What stands out for you about Tiqets?

M: I like the international atmosphere. Things are changing constantly which is challenging, but gives us a chance to try new things in the same field.

E: It’s really laidback and open. I was expecting it, but it’s even more than I expected. On the other hand, I’m challenged daily by my work, and given much more responsibility than I expected… I had my own Adwords account within two months!

Is that different than what you were expecting?

M: I didn’t really have expectations when I came in, but at university I did a lot of branding, so the whole SEA thing is very new to me, but it’s something I really enjoy.

E: I like that everyone here likes the company. Plus, I’m learning from people with 10+ years in this field. It’s pretty incredible.

How often do you learn from these experienced colleagues?

E: Every day. And every Friday I have a meeting with Marijn (van der Vlies), and he assigns me a new project for the following week, in addition to my daily work. It’s really challenging.

M: And not just in our department. We have Pizza & Beer sessions twice a month and learn about other departments. The CEO is often there as well to tell us what’s going on on a strategic level… it feels really inclusive.

Can you say some more about the culture of Tiqets?

M: It’s fast-paced with an open and transparent culture. I like how everyone here knows what’s happening. You really feel like you’re in the loop.

E: Yeah, plus Tiqets has a real flat organigram, so you’re not restricted to talking just to your immediate boss. Everyone is really accessible.

Thanks! One last question: any advice for anyone who might be starting a traineeship here?

M: Never be afraid to speak up! Ask questions, because your opinion is valued here, which is really cool.

E: Definitely! Don’t let your status as an ‘intern’ hold you back. Ask for more work when you think you can handle it. Keep rising to the challenges.

Interested in joining Maria and Enric at Tiqets? We’re hiring! Head to our Jobs page now.

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