Tiqets is a fast-growing company and, as the number of faces in our offices grows, we’re working on new ways to get to know them all. Of course, we thought it could also be interesting for our regular blog readers to get to know some of the team. So we’ll be working on profiling as many as possible!

First up we had the chance to sit down with two of our trainees, Pia and Maike, and talk to them about who they are, where they’re from, and what they do here.

Hi guys, please introduce yourselves

PIA: I’m Pia, I’m 22 and from Germany. I study International Relations and Management in Bavaria,  although I’m originally from the Southwest. I’ve been working with Tiqets since September.

MAIKE: I’m Maike, 25, also German. I finished my degree in International relations in May and have been at Tiqets since August.

What do you like the most about your traineeship here?

M: Well, before this I did an internship at a cultural institute in Italy, where I was mostly doing admin tasks, like answering the phone and redirecting emails. I felt a bit like a secretary. Here at Tiqets I really feel a lot more involved in the company and part of the team.

P: Yeah, I’d say the same thing. There’s really no hierarchy here. We’re not treated differently, and everyone is really involved in the work.

Ah yes, the work… good point. What do you guys do here?

M: I split my time between Content and Customer Service. I initially wasn’t that excited about working for Customer Service, but it’s such a good team! Everyone feels supported and helps out, as we all do our best to make sure our customers are satisfied. Collaboration is key, especially when we deal with customers who are having difficulties or are unhappy.

And with Content?

M: With Content I configure products (e.g. preparing product pages with information from our suppliers), and do Customer Service checks, to make sure products have all the right information. And I also do Native Checks of our German translations.

That’s quite a lot of stuff. How about you, Pia?

P: I also do product checks to make sure that we have the right info, and scout out potential venues. Right now I’m updating all the opening hours and price changes for 2018.

How do you like working at Tiqets?

M: Well, I really like working with two great teams. Everything and everyone is really flexible, which I really appreciate.

P: I agree. If things don’t make sense or you find a better way of doing things (even if you’re ‘only’ an intern), you can often change them and make things work better, which is really cool!

So what’s next for you?

P Well, I’m not done my studies so I’ll be going back to Bavaria when I finish in February. I have to do a lot of coursework about my time here, both about working at Tiqets and also about Dutch culture. I’m thinking I’ll do a Master’s degree afterward.

MAIKE: I’m also done in February. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stay on at Tiqets, so we’ll see.

Interested in joining Maike and Pia at Tiqets? We’re hiring! Head to our Jobs page now.

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