Last week, the very first Tiqets Remarkable Venues Awards took place. We launched this new initiative to recognize the remarkable work our partner venues do in helping us create fantastic experiences for visitors.

L’Aquarium de Paris was the perfect venue for the inaugural awards ceremony. Our CEO Luuc Elzinga said, “At Tiqets we connect amazing venues with our customers, and we want to highlight the work these venues do in helping us deliver the best experiences.”

All our partner venues in France gathered there with us, surrounded by bright lights and exotic fish, as our representatives explained how the awards were judged and announced the winners.

Our judges considered the following criteria when making their selections: Same day booking, instant delivery, direct mobile entrance, no queuing, the number of reviews and – most importantly – how our customers reviewed their experience.

From these criteria, our team of judges scored all the venues in France that we work with. And then it was time for the exciting part, as the winners in each category were announced. Read on to see who won!

Winners of the 2017 Tiqets Remarkable Venue Awards (France)

Best Historical Site: Arc de Triomphe – score: 9.6
Best Museum: Musée d’Orsay – score: 9.3
Best Leisure Family: ZooParc de Beauval – score: 9.1
Best Night Out: Crazy Horse – score: 9.0
Best Sightseeing: Tour Montparnasse – score: 9.0
Most Remarkable Venue: Fondation Louis Vuitton
(Most Remarkable Venue is a special award presented to the newcomer of the year).

Goal of the Tiqets Remarkable Venue Awards

Tiqets has always been dedicated to putting remarkable experiences in the hands of travelers. We do this by creating smooth mobile entrance experiences and working with venues that go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of a tourist’s experience is memorable. We want to reward our partners that already do an excellent job, and encourage and support those who are looking to improve.

Ryan Millar

Ryan Millar

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