The theme of World Quality Day 2017 is ‘Everyday Leadership’. Our Senior Copywriter Ryan Millar takes a look at some of the ways quality at Tiqets manifests itself across departments.

To be honest, I’d never heard of World Quality Day until last week. And I’d be willing to bet that World Quality Day isn’t something you have marked in your calendar either (it’s the second Thursday in November if you’re wondering).

When I discovered that it was, in fact, a real thing, at first I thought it was something silly, like Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day (7 February), or Be Kind to Lawyers Day (11 April). But just a little bit of research showed me the value of taking some time to celebrate quality.

What is World Quality Day, Anyway?

The idea is to celebrate “a clarity of purpose, a focus on stakeholders, a commitment to do things properly and to objectively evaluate outcomes, along with a passion for continuous improvement“. Of course, it’s hard to argue against that — nobody would advocate for the celebration of low-quality goods or services.

But I realized that the relentless pursuit of quality that I see every day at Tiqets is something that is so woven into the workday that it’s never remarked upon. It’s just taken for granted.

It’s almost like we should have a special day to celebrate it. And it turns out we do!

The theme of World Quality Day 2017 is ‘Everyday Leadership’, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to just single out a few departments who exemplify this commitment to everyday leadership, and how.

  • The Tech Team plans and executes technical solutions, custom-built in many cases. And it continuously adapts and develops, based on feedback and data insights. That means that we’re building on the successes and learning from suboptimal experiences. These guys and girls are never satisfied, so they keep creating and refining. Kudos!
  • Our Product Team uses insights from our customers to plan features and upgrades and make the most intuitive user-friendly site and app possible. As a creative, I’m driven more by inspiration and deadlines than anticipated needs and problem-solving. So I’ve learned plenty from them.
  • Our Content Team (my team!) is focused on anticipating customer needs, streamlining processes and working collaboratively to give our users a smooth and well-informed experience — in 7 different languages!
  • And when our users need help, our Customer Service Team is on the phone, email and chat to solve problems in real-time and make sure the people who use our service are happy.

So on World Quality Day 2017, we at the office will be celebrating by sharing some of our best practices over a morning coffee.

And of course, getting ready for World Origami Day on Saturday.

Ryan Millar

Ryan Millar

Canadian content creator Ryan wrote his first blog post in 2005 and has never looked back. He's the head of content department at Tiqets - which is perfect as his two favorite things are adventure and words.
Ryan Millar

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