Some people are born ready for Halloween – fangs in hand and enough fake blood to fill a bathtub. However, that’s not true for everybody. For example, in my case, Halloween involves getting to October 30th and suddenly realizing that, once again, I’ve completely failed to put together a spooky outfit. In fact, the only thing scary about it is my complete lack of organization. I dash around the house in a panic, looking for something – anything – mildly scary (Last week’s leftovers? That cobweb in the corner of the garage?…)

If you’re in the same boat of ill-preparedness, fear not! It turns out that Tiqets’ epic Halloween party was a last-minute inspiration paradise. When it came to our Best Costume contest,  some people pulled out all the stops, while others ransacked their closets for black clothes and the Content team… well, they ran to Primark like there was no tomorrow.

Let’s see if any of them help you!

Black is always the new black
Halloween costume inspiration

Black is both a runway and graveyard staple. Black is slimming, goes with everything, and with the right accesssories and make-up – can scare the bejeezus out of friends and co-workers!

Onesie heaven

Halloween costume inspiration

From one onesie wearer to another: this is truly the magical garment. Like a robe you can wear outdoors, or a warm sock for your whole body, this is pure perfection. Also great in case your office’s central heating is broken.

The team effort

Halloween costume inspirationJust because some people didn’t take part in the Halloween contest doesn’t mean they didn’t put in some effort.  How about dressing up as a last-minute serial killer or a bloody Super Mario? Or pretending like you forgot about Halloween altogether and dressing up for Christmas instead?

That’s innovation which, when we get right down to it, is the true meaning of Halloween.

Did you go to any cool parties this Halloween, or maybe you’ve got one coming up? Let us know on Twitter!

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Yasmine Gleghorn

Yasmine Gleghorn

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