As winter approaches, we’re journeying into the far reaches of outer space, getting loose with craft cocktails, and seeing Amsterdam’s museums in a totally different light.

November highlights

It’s November already – where did 2017 go? We’re as bemused as you are, but there’s still plenty to see and do before things get festive and we journey into the unknown (2018).  The nights may be getting longer, but that’s no excuse not to get out and experience the best the city has to offer. This month, we’ll be seeing stars at Nemo, exploring a universe of flavor on the Overtoom, then crashing back to earth for the all-night party that is Museumnacht – hey, it’s educational.

What to do in Amsterdam

Life in the Universe

Amsterdam’s ship-shaped science museum journeys to the far reaches of outer space, with a new hands-on exhibition that looks to the stars in search of extra-terrestrial life.

Game changers

Living in a country that’s technically underwater has produced some incredible aquatic inventions, and now the Maritime Museum is exploring the most ground-breaking (sea-breaking?) nautical marvels that really made waves.

Food & Drinks

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to cozy up indoors with good food and good/strong drinks. If the native kaassouffle and bitterballen aren’t scratching your particular culinary itch, you’ll do well to check out the foodie-haven that is the Overtoom. And when the relentless rain and wind gets too much, there are always cocktails waiting.


Amsterdam West’s melting-pot of cultures means there’s always something good to eat. The famous Overtoom is as diverse as they come, so you can travel the world in (more than) a few delicious mouthfuls

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sometimes you need a drink, and sometimes you need a drink. When you’re craving more than a biertje, this craft cocktail bar will keep you thoroughly soused and charmed in equal measure.

What to do in Amsterdam

Tiqets’ top picks

November in the Netherlands means it’s time for two of the calendar’s biggest cultural events, both completely transforming the Dutch capital, and both for one day only!

Museumnacht sees Mokum’s museums collaborating to turn the city into an educational playground, while children will be leaving out their shoes and waiting for the pitter-patter of racially insensitive feet – it’s time to meet Sinterklass!

What to do in Amsterdam


Every year, Amsterdam’s museums throw their doors wide open for special events and activities under the cover of darkness. With the emphasis on interactive audience participation (and alcohol), you won’t realize how much you’re learning!


He may have a long white beard and deliver presents to kids, but this Sinterklass is definitely not Santa Claus – just think of him as his weird Dutch cousin. And even the biggest Scrooge is sure to be won over by the spectacular parades that celebrate his arrival.

What to do in Amsterdam

And now for something completely different

November is already shaping up to be a cultural marathon, so make sure to refuel like the pros with everyone’s favorite carbohydrate. Of course, this restaurant has a special twist, and we’re not talking about the fusilli!

Pasta e Basta what to do in amsterdam

Pasta e Basta

Pasta e Basta is more than an authentic Italian pasta restaurant and wine bar, it’s a miniature opera house. By which we mean the talented waitstaff will sing for your supper, performing classic Italian hits while you do your best Mr. Creosote impression.

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