We may now be on the cusp of autumn, but Italy is displaying a typical disregard for other people’s concepts of time and clinging to the last vestiges of summer.

To commemorate the changing of the seasons, we’ve rounded up some of Italy’s cultural highlights – the perfect way to see off the end of the sunshine, and welcome the festive months ahead!

Il mondo che non c’era – Naples

  • National Archeological Museum of Naples
  • 16th June – 30th October 2017

The National Archaeological Museum’s latest exhibition delves into the under-reported history of ancient cultures in Central America – all prior to Christopher Columbus’s arrival!

These are cultures which have been largely ignored and misunderstood throughout Western history. Despite their age and significance, this is the first time many of these historic artifacts will ever have been exhibited. The exhibition is a fantastic example of everything the Fondazione Giancarlo Ligabue works to discover, preserve and share.

Freedom Manifesto – Rome

  • Centrale Montemartini
  • 28 September – 31st December 2017

This interdisciplinary project calls upon internationally renowned artists and visual designers to comment on the global migrant crisis and the eternal search for ‘freedom’.

Whether driven from their homes by war, poverty, or geological disaster, this collection takes a compassionate and humanitarian look at some of the world’s most downtrodden yet resilient citizens. Both a savage indictment of the powers which allow this crisis to continue, and a moving celebration of the human spirit.


  • Palazzo Pitti
  • 18th September – 7th January 2017

The Palazzo is pulling out all the stops to celebrate its recent acquisition of an until-now-unseen painting by legendary German portrait artist Anton Raphael Mengs.

The painting was started in the 1770s but never finished, handed down to Mengs’s daughter and re-discovered by her later descendants. The painting depicts two of the sons of Peter Leopold of Lorena taken in the interior of the Palazzo Pitti, and showcases Mengs’s then-groundbreaking style of painting.

Tesori – Venice

  • Doge’s Palace
  • 9th September 2017 – 3rd January 2018

The Doge’s Palace is the first venue in Italy to exhibit this iconic collection of Indian gemstones and jewellery from Al Thani, with over 270 rare exhibits exploring five century of jewelled wonders made in and inspired by Indian cultures.

India has always been known for its abundance of precious stones, but it was the Mughal rulers who really elevated jewelry to the level of fine art in the 16th Century. For the first time ever, this dazzling collection is available to the Italian public.

Has your appetite for Italian culture (and food) been thoroughly whetted?

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