Check out what to do in Amsterdam this month and get the lowdown on the best of the Dutch capital. This September we’re recommending Romanov history, microbreweries, mouthwatering vegan restaurants and a trip outside the city center to Zaanse Schans, the ultimate Dutch open air museum.

September highlights

The sun is clinging on for a little longer, so you’d better make the most of it! Once again, Amsterdam museums are pulling out all the stops, so it’s hard to pick just two exhibitions to feature this month. We decided to take on a historical theme: this month is the 100th of the February Revolution in Russia, and the Hermitage’s Romanovs and Revolution is the perfect way to delve into this key event of the 20th century.

Head back another hundred years and you’ll likely land in New Realities, the Rijksmuseum’s new exhibition on many artists’ first attempts at photography. From moving to shocking, you’ll leave inspired and ready to snap everything in sight!

Romanovs & Revolution: The End of Monarchy

The Romanovs ruled Russia for over 300 years. This exciting exhibition coincides with the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution, which brought about their end. The fall of the Romanov dynasty is told at the Hermitage through garments, portraits, children’s drawings, and even one of the murder weapons (ends 17 September).

Rijksmuseum: New Realities

Some of the most intriguing photographs of all time were taken shortly after the invention of the camera in 1839. The Rijksmuseum’s ‘New Realities: Photography in the nineteenth century’ exhibition showcases famous and unknown photographers that dabbled in the new medium (ends 17 September).

Here’s just a small taste of what you can expect from New Realities!

Food & Drinks

One thing we know for sure is that Amsterdammers love their food and drink (in moderation… more or less). Head to Amsterdam Oost (that’s east for non-locals!) to enjoy cafes, finger food and vegetarian dinners at Beukenplein, a small square bursting with flavor. In the drinks department we’ve got Butcher’s Tears, where magnificent staff with equally magnificent beards will personally recommend the best this microbrewery has on offer.


Whether you’re in the market for independent cafes or ethical dinners, Beukenplein is perfect for a late summer night out. Our favorites here include Coffee Bru, Oost’s first specialty cafe, and Rotisserie, a Brooklynese bar where you can pick up a juicy burger or oreo milkshake on your way home.

Butcher’s Tears

Tucked just behind Vondelpark is this unorthodox microbrewery, styled as a retro abattoir. Despite the name and decor, vegetarians have nothing to worry about; the only thing these ‘butchers’ have to sell is delicious, and lethally-strong, beer. Go easy – the beers range from 6-14%ABV, and it’s very easy to get inadvertently shitfaced before 5pm (not speaking from experience…).

Tiqets’ top picks

The days may be getting shorter, but we’re not going to waste time moaning about it! Feel a chill? Put a jacket on. Too dark? Get over it. Tiqets’ staff are in full adventure mode, heading over the water to NDSM, an urban paradise of disused warehouses where artist studios mix with flea markets and artificial beaches become the center stage for poetry readings at sunset.

If you’ve had one too many bitterballen this summer (though that’s hard to imagine), why not try going vegan? The Netherlands may be better known for its fried food and curry ketchup, but the city’s burgeoning food scene is more vegan friendly than ever. Read our guide below to see the best of it!


As your bus whisks you back into the comforting enclave of Centraal Station, the circle is almost complete. But the city doesn’t stop there! Before you call it quits, jump on the (free) ferry behind the station and enjoy the brisk ride over to Amsterdam Noord. The gargantuan disused warehouses serve as studio spaces (and occasionally the world’s largest hotbox) for artists and designers, and the surrounding areas host festivals, exhibitions and more.

Go vegan!

Amsterdam is quick to jump on cultural bandwagons and, while the city has seen its share of flash-in-the-pan novelties (avocado restaurants, anyone?), the trend for veganism seems to have stuck. It’s certainly a departure for a country who cherishes various combinations of processed beef and cheese, but we’re not going to question a good thing.

Want something different?

Last, but not least, why not take a quick trip outside the canal belt? Zaanse Schans is a small village just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes as you explore six historical windmills (and other mini ones) that sit on the banks of the Zaan River. Head inside to see the level of ingenuity that went into harnessing the wind hundreds of years ago. A beautiful outdoor history lesson!

Zaanse Schans Tour

There is more to Zaanse Schans than just windmills. You’ll also get to see 35 historic houses, a couple of small museums and old-timey craft shops – one which even features a clog making demonstration every ten minutes.

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