Getting away from it all doesn’t always mean escaping to a silent Buddhist retreat. It might mean traveling to a hot destination and packing your weekend full of activities. As they say: “A change is as good as a rest”. But before you plunge into SoHo, Klimzy Square or London’s West End, make sure you travel smart. That means planning well, and executing even better!

Location, location, location!

city break, map

When in doubt, stick some pins in a map

Choose a place that speaks to you. Of course, it may speak to you because your favorite budget airline is having a seat sale, but no matter the reason: find a spot you want to go. Spend some time researching what’s happening there during the weekend: are all the hotels booked up for the Fish and Seafood Convention (that really happened to me one time)? Or is it Pride Weekend (amazing party in Amsterdam in August)? Match the destination to the time of year, factoring in your traveling party and you’ll be ready to rock.

Learn a little bit of the lingo

city break, local lingo, directions

“The Sex Museum is that way, madam”

Wherever you’re going, from Paris to Prague, a couple of well-chosen words can earn you an insider’s hot tip about the best place to go river rafting – or just a smile! Even if it’s only for a weekend, you’d be surprised how far a handful of words can take you, as long as you can find the courage to use them! Around the world, locals are known to be a little more patient, and a little more welcoming, to those who’ve made the effort to learn some of the local lingo. And nothing beats that feeling when someone asks you for directions in the local language and you can respond “I’m sorry I don’t speak this language” in that language!

Keep your luggage light

city break, heavy luggage

“Why did I bring all those extra white fedoras?”

As tempted as you may be to pack for all possibilities, if you pack less, it’s less to carry – and means you can carry-on your luggage, so you’ll save time and stress at the airport. For a 2-4 day trip, you don’t need a bunch of different shoes, four pairs of jeans and the electric toothbrush. Take a break from your possessions as well! A hot tip is to think about layering:  Scarves, light sweaters, and extra socks let you tackle finicky climates with less hassle.

Skip the lines

city break, skip the lines

Queuing: strictly for chumps, and the English

Now that you’ve got your research settled down, you’ve probably chosen a couple of highlights from the city to check out. Download the Tiqets app and grab skip the line tickets for the best attractions in town. Then, use that time you would’ve spent standing in line to sleep in, or go jogging through the biggest park in the city, or grab some dessert with your lunch, or…?

Treat yo’self

city break, couple, waffles

Grow a beard! Eat a waffle! Go wild!

You’re going on an adventure, so make it count. You may need to keep cheese slices in the hostel fridge, or take only photos as souvenirs, but whatever your budget, you should leave a little room for something that you wouldn’t normally do. It could be the one time in your life you go to a Michelin-starred restaurant, or buy a mechanical pocket watch, or take a private cruise… or? The thing is, we regret the things we didn’t do far more than we regret the things we do. So while you’re on holiday, make it count.

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