John Lennon may have sung, “If the sun don’t come, you’ll get a tan from standing in the English rain”… but a rainy Scottish summer is something else altogether. If it rains, you get very wet. Maybe that’s why Mark Chapman was so angry?

Either way, the Scots are much better-equipped to deal with the quintessentially British drizzle (or less liable to complain), making Scotland a much safer bet for the prospective holiday-maker.

As yet another summer draws to its moist close, we compiled the greatest weather-proof attractions for your Scottish summer holiday in the highlands. And with the Tiqets App, you can skip the queues and escape the rain in no time!

Battle of Bannockburn

Scottish summer

Just like the real thing, only more dry

Relive this historic battle, where the great Robert Bruce faced off against King Edward II to defend Scotland from British rule! Although later history may not have worked out in Bruce’s favor, this monumental event gets a suitably spectacular treatment here. Raging warfare is brought to life in vivid 3D, and you can mingle with medieval warriors, or even try your hand at archery and swordsmanship.

Rather wisely, the creators chose to recreate the bloody skirmish indoors, so that you can now experience all the fun of mass slaughter without messing up your hair.

The Royal Yacht Britannia

This boat is REAL!

Don your nautical-themed pashmina afghan and climb on board a big old boat, owned by non other than Her Maj the Queen. We’re not quite sure why she left it in Edinburgh (one too many sherries, perhaps?), but don’t miss the opportunity to see the royal vessel before she remembers where she parked it.

The boat is steeped in history, having served the royals for over 40 years, and sailed over a million miles, so there’s plenty to explore. You can even check out private quarters where Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill once slept (though probably not at the same time…).

As Queen Liz herself said, “I’m on a boat motherf*cker, don’t you ever forget” – and thanks to Tiqets, you will be too!

The Georgian House

It’s Georgian and it’s a house

Nestled inside Edinburgh’s well-to-do New Town is this 18th-century treat, built for John Lamont, the 18th Chief of the Clan Lamont (he was kind of a big deal). Completely restored to its former glories,  the house is an enchanting slice of upper class life.

Casting your eyes across all of John’s finery is the perfect antidote to a dreary afternoon, and you might learn a thing or two about Scottish class struggles and political movements. Plus, the grandiose fireplaces are kept in active use – very welcome in the ‘Scottish summer’.

John Knox House

Also a house, but this one was owned by John Knox

This would make the perfect historical double-bill with the Georgian House – a lovingly-maintained relic, which dates back over 700 years!

The Knox House is the only remaining medieval building still standing on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, and was variously associated with the Scottish Reformation. History practically oozes out of the woodwork, and you’ll learn everything there is to know about Mr. John Knox – the minister, theologian, writer, and Reformation leader who once called this home.

The Scotch Whisky Experience

In Scottish culture, it’s considered a serious faux pas not to drink four whiskies at once

Sorry Ireland, the Scots are the world’s best drinkers – a fact which can be attributed to both the terrible weather and the politics of Margaret Thatcher. Do as the Scottish do, and escape the damp into the world’s biggest collection of Scotch. It’s the perfect excuse to start drinking at 10am (hey, it’s educational).

Join your guide, and browse a selection of some 3500 whiskies, you’ll learn all about whisky’s history, pick up a few tasting notes, and even receive your own specially-engraved tasting glass – sure to add a touch of sophistication to those lonely nights alone.

The Ghost Bus Tour

Subtlety is not one of their strong suits

Just as Knox complements Lamont, this one probably works better when you’ve got bit of a load on. Trade your fine single malts for a different kind of spirit, and hop on board this grisly ghost tour. If nothing else, the driving rain will add an extra-spooky touch.

Sophisticated, restrained, tasteful – these are things which this tour is defiantly not. But leave your self-respect and standards of good taste at the door, and you’ll be sure to have a ghoulishly good time. Your droll guide will ensure your ride is as informative as it is black-hearted… and you’ll likely need another drink to take the edge off afterwards!

Loch Ness Explorer

Just tell everyone you saw it…

Look, you can’t visit Scotland without getting thoroughly drenched at least once (and if we’re being honest, you can expect that number to rise). Might as well make the most of it, and return home with some stories to tell!

Short of charting a boat out onto the Loch yourself (not recommended), this is the closest you can get to Nessie without getting wet. With views this good, a spot of rain doesn’t matter, and legend has it that the great monster only appears when no-one’s watching – so you can increase your chances by visiting during a downpour. Failing that, the sandwiches and shortbread are pretty good too.

Just keep your phone dry and let Tiqets take care of the rest!

Start planning your Scottish summer trip with or read our Edinburgh walking guide to navigate the city like a pro.



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