Rembrandt is a permanent fixture on the streets of Amsterdam. And how could he not be? As the Netherlands’ most celebrated painter of the 17th century, the man deserves some recognition.

Although he already peeks out of every corner, don’t be surprised if you see a little more of him this weekend. Just a smidgen more than usual. That’s because 15 July marks Rembrandt’s birthday – his 411th birthday. If that’s not worth celebration, nothing is.

And how to celebrate? Will you go to an art festival, explore his career or buy Night Watch socks? Below you’ll find some great ways to say happy birthday in great Rembrandt fashion this weekend.

Take part in the Rembrandt Art Festival

rembrandt-art-festival- Rembrandt's birthday

Your kids could be mini Rembrandts in the making!

Nothing calls for a street party like Rembrandt’s birthday! Every 15 July, Jodenbreestraat residents host the Rembrandt Art Festival, an artistic and culinary-packed neighbourhood party. Food stalls and music take over from 10:00 to 18:00 with etching workshops and kid-friendly activities. Get down there if your kid is a budding artist. Or if you’re a massive street food lover.

Discover all things Rembrandt at Rembrandthuis

Rembrandt House museum

Our houses probably won’t look this good in 400 years

It’s all in the name! What better place to celebrate Rembrandt than The Rembrandt House Museum? Apart from learning his full name (Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, in case you were wondering), you’ll see where the artist lived for twenty years, leaving evidence of his monumental life and work.

This impressive building in the heart of Amsterdam honors its former owner with workshops, temporary exhibitions and painting demonstrations. One of this year’s most revealing exhibitions is Rembrandt and Jan Six: The etching and the friendship, that explores the close relationship between the artist and the former mayor of Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum workshops and Night Watch socks

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rembrandt and Rijksmuseum make quite the pair

As Amsterdam’s main museum and host of what’s arguably Rembrandt’s most famous piece, The Night Watch, the Rijksmuseum was bound to step up for the Dutch master’s birthday.

This weekend it’s hosting walk-in workshops, where visitors can make their own Rembrandt-inspired selfie. There’s no need to book in advance, so simply head into the Atrium entrance area and join in. Did we mention it’s free of charge?

If selfies aren’t your thing, you’re bound to find other great Rembrandt alternatives in the museum shop. You can buy mugs inspired by the lace on Marten & Oopjen’s clothing, Playmobil or even Night Watch-inspired socks. As a special offer on his birthday, the museum is also selling the Late Rembrandt Catalogue for only € 10. It may be time for a little weekend shop.

Rembrandt’s birthday is just one of many fun things happening in Amsterdam this month.

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