On June 15th, EU citizens and residents had a very good reason to fire up the old anthem, which is based on Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. And what a joyous moment it was!

EU roaming in Europe

Finding your way around Europe? No hassle!

Following the approval of a deal that was almost ten years in the making, roaming charges across the EU are no more. They’ve ceased to be. They’re gone. Finito. They’ve… well, you get the idea.

Whether you’re based in France, Italy or any of the other 26 member states, you don’t have to pay any additional EU roaming charges. The British get to enjoy it for now too, though it’s not clear what’ll happen post-Brexit.

The lowdown on EU roaming charges

Like every deal that sounds too good to be true, this one does have a few caveats:

    1. It only applies to those who have a contract including EU roaming services with their mobile operator. If you’re on prepay, a data limit may be applied
    1. It only applies to occasional travel, not for permanent EU roaming
  1. A fair use policy and data limits may apply

All in all, it’s still a pretty sweet deal, for both travelers and business folk alike. You no longer need to worry about finding WiFi connection to look up directions, transfer money, download a boarding pass or buy tickets.

We’re yet to find out how this change will affect the way people travel around the EU region. In the past, going abroad meant being less connected, allowing for a more happy-go-lucky approach to travelling. Nowadays, that’s all changed, and being connected is a must in our day-to-day lives.

Nevertheless, being able to conjure skip-the-line tickets out of thin air, as you approach the venue of your choice, is something we can certainly get used to!

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