From Berlin to Budapest, the world’s best cultural destinations have one thing in common: there’s more to see than your wallet can possibly handle.  Make the most of your cultural city break with the best money-saving city passes worldwide.

1. Chicago

If there was one pass to rule them all, it’d be the Chicago Explorer Pass. With this digital pass, you get to do the most amazing stuff around town. Be it rising high above the city on the Skydeck, visiting the city’s best art museums or taking a river cruise to see over 40 architectural landmarks, this pass provides access to 25 of the best things to do in the Windy City.

“But — there’s no way I’m going to do all of that!”, you might say. And you’re absolutely right, there isn’t.  See, that’s the best thing about the Chicago Explorer Pass: you just pick 3 or 5 things, and then you go and actually do them. Chicago, you rock!

best money-saving city passes worldwide

It was then that Sarah discovered she was afraid of heights

2. Berlin

Try wrapping your traveling head around this: an island in the heart of Berlin housing five world-renowned museums that are artworks in themselves, making the place a World Heritage Site — and each of the museums holding a trove of culture.
Take, for instance, the Pergamon Museum. This massive museum is home to three wings that hold 2 out of the actual 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. And that’s just one out of five museums! What’s the best thing about all of this? You get to visit all of them with one pass!

world heritage sites for your bucket list

Who knew Berliners were islanders by heart?

3. San Francisco

The Californian city with the world’s most photographed bridge has another world’s best. From the Bahamas to the Indies, everyone agrees that San Fran has the most fun stretch of beach life for families. That’s because Fog City has Pier 39.

With an aquarium, a 7D experience (they even have more dimensions there!), and a mind-bending mirror maze, the Pier 39 Attraction Pass is a guaranteed winner. Oh, and there’s the possibility to explore San Fran too — with a bay cruise and a hop-on-hop-off downtown loop.

best money-saving city passes worldwide

If you don’t like sea lions, Pier 39 is not for you

4. Rome

Is this a money-saving pass? Yes. Does it qualify as a city pass? Not per se. We like to think of the Roma Pass more as a time-travelling pass. What else do you call a pass that gets you special entrance to ancient sites like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum or Palatine Hill?

Choose between a 48- or 72-hour ticket; the first gets you free access to one world-class museum or historical site, while the second gets you free access to two. What’s more, the Roma Pass wouldn’t be an incredible money-saver if it weren’t for the 20-70% discount for additional visits to the best attractions that Rome has to offer. One more thing: you get to take Rome’s public transport – for free.

48 hours in Rome

Bring your toga and write a dictator-worthy-speech, because you’re going back in time

5. New York

Ah, the Big Apple. Home to the MET, MoMA, Guggenheim, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and what not. You’d be our favorite metropolis in the whole world – if only you weren’t so darn expensive.  

Enter the New York City Explorer Pass; your friend in times of need. You get to see 3, 5 or 7 attractions or tours that tickle your fancy – and save tons of money while you’re at it. There’s no need to rush in the City That Never Sleeps either, as the pass is valid for 30 days.

best money-saving city passes worldwide

After 30 days, you’ll have seen roughly 0.376% of this immense metropolis

6. Barcelona

You’ve got to hand it to the Catalans: they’re some of the most artistic folks out there. From Gaudí to Miró, and from Modernism to Contemporary, they’ve mastered the art of, well, art. It surely explains why Barcelona has six museums.  

As an art lover, you want to visit them all. The best way to do that is by paying for three museums and then going to all six of ’em – within one year. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the Barcelona Museum Pass.

El Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya — that’s almost as much words as the average Catalan name

7. Milan

When you think of ‘the key to the city’, you might think of an expensive gold key embedded with gems and jewels. Luckily, Milan’s key to the city is no such thing. Instead, it’s a ridiculously cheap pass that gets you huge discounts to the cities’ best attractions. In other words, it’s a money-saving money-saving pass.

Get discounts to the best museums, historical sites, restaurants (yes, food), and the Duomo. You also get a map to guide you through the city, together with a 100% discount for Milan’s public transport. Yes, that’s means you get to travel for free. Didn’t we tell you the Milan City Pass would be ridiculously cheap?

best money-saving city passes worldwide

Ok, so maybe there’s no such thing as a ‘key to the city’ — but there’s a city gate!

8. Madrid

You know, for a fact, that something bearing the name ‘Paseo del Arte’ is bound to be good. Actually, you’re wrong – it’s the best. Because Madrid’s three best museums are probably the best in all of Spain. Bosch, Dalí, Goya, Van Gogh, Monet, Raphael, Rubens, Picasso – these are just some of the magnificent artists on display. Also, that list is in alphabetical order. You’re welcome!

Together, the Thyssen, Prado and Reina Sofia are known as the Golden Triangle of Art. And, with the Paseo del Arte Pass, you get to visit all three museums with a big, fat discount.

visit these cultural spots for €10 or less

This promising hallway leading to a seriously good collection of artworks, including Picasso’s immense 3.5 x 7.7 meter canvas and political statement Guernica

9. Vienna

If you were an emperor ruling over much of Europe, during perhaps the most prosperous time of the continent, what would you do? Perhaps you’d be a fair ruler, dividing all your wealth between the commoners. More likely, you’d start hoarding. At least that’s what the Habsburgers of Austria did: they assembled all the riches – from gold to art – in their Viennese palaces and museums. They also made sure that Viennese culture and science matched their riches, giving way to the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, and Freud.

Back then, you had to be a Habsburg to enjoy those excesses. Times have changed for the Imperial City: nowadays, you get to visit everything the city has to offer for free with the Vienna PASS. Wait, what? Yes, over 60 museums, palaces, and attractions – all with one pass. No discounts, all free. All you have to do is choose between a 1, 2, 3 or 6-day period.

best money-saving city passes worldwide

Paid with, yes, Habsburg money

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