From visiting glorious Roman ruins to digging into fresh pasta, Italy is a guaranteed family pleaser. Although the holidays are bound to be good, adding a few activities for the kids (and the whole family) will make your vacation unforgettable. We listed 7 fun things to do in Italy with kids.

1. Time Elevator Experience, Rome

Whether you’re building a fire when camping or reading a book on the airplane, the best holiday is the one where you get to learn a thing or two along the way.  But try telling a kid that!

The Time Elevator is Rome’s glorious history told in a spectacular way. Take a thrilling 5-D ride through time, and meet Remus and Romulus, Brutus and Caesar, and Renaissance’s own Michelangelo. You’ll see that flying over ancient Rome is definitely the most fun way of taking in 3,000 years of history!

italy with kids

Houston, we have a lift-off!

2. Leonardo3 – The World of Leonardo, Milan

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of history’s greatest painters, sculptors, architects, scientists, inventors — and the list goes on. How does one reach such a level of Renaissance?

Simply put, you need a whole lot of imagination. How else do you invent a mechanical dragonfly or a submarine? Da Vinci is basically the most successful kid in history, for he never lost his imagination.

Let Da Vinci inspire your (inner) child at the interactive museum and research center that has over 200 of his working models. And, while the original Mona Lisa still hangs in the Louvre, the digitized restorations of his biggest artworks make sure this state-of-the-art exhibition won’t leave you hanging!

italy with kids

The person who built all these models must’ve had the best time

3. Galata Sea Museum, Genoa

In its medieval and Renaissance heydays, Genoa was a proud and invincible seafaring republic. This coastal city is still very proud, which is why it does a great job at retelling its naval history.

The Galata Museo del Mare is the Mediterranean’s biggest maritime museum, but not the old and dusty type. Here you’ll find high-tech displays, board life-size replica galley ships, learn about Columbus (who hails from Genoa), and hear stories about 19th-century Italian migration by sea.

Italy with kids

The submarine is an all-time favorite among dads on holiday

4. Aquarium of Genoa

Nowadays, the people of Genoa don’t take that massively to the sea anymore. Maybe it’s because they took the sea to them. In an interesting twist of history, Europe’s largest aquarium is bottled inside what looks like an old ship, right at Genoa’s harbor.

This huge sea park, with 70 rooms, houses over 12,000 sea-dwelling animals. Some cute and cuddly, others large and looming — but all equally amazing. Have you ever had a female manatee introduce you to her newborn? Or seen a sawshark scour the ocean floor, looking for a prey to slash with its blade-like snout? If the answer is no, then it’s time to visit the Aquarium of Genoa!

Italy with kids is fun if you go go to the Aquarium of Genoa

Don’t worry, there’s at least 30cm of plexiglass between you and the sharks

5. Explora: the Children’s Museum, Rome

This one-of-a-kind museum is a kid’s dream. No following the grown-ups; this is the museum where children get to take the lead. Visit Explora: il Museo Bambini di Roma (how cute does that sound?) to give children that power.

Their simulation of how a city works presents kids with a taste of civil life by letting them take on odd jobs for a wage, spend hard-earned money at the supermarket, recycle waste, and do chores around the house (guess who’s doing the plumbing next time?).

italy with kids is fun when you visit Explora in Rome

Remember; sharing is caring, little Timmy!

6. Rainbow MagicLand, Rome

The ancient Roman sites are magical, but visiting nothing but ruins can ruin your holiday. The perfect family-friendly day trip is only 20 minutes away from Rome – and it’s a very different place. For starters, Rainbow MagicLand is rarely crowded. Secondly, the stories told in these amphitheaters are very child-friendly (no bloodthirsty gladiators or backstabbing Brutuses like in ancient Rome).

With 38 different attractions and differently themed areas, this magical land of fairies, sorcerers, and princesses makes for an enchanting round trip. All you need to do is catch the bus at Rome’s Termini Station.

Go to Rainbow magicland f you're in Italy with kids

Look mommy, no hands!

7. Zoomarine Waterpark, Rome

Also leaving from Termini Station is the bus to another adventure park. You’ll find no fairies or wizards here, but the Zoomarine’s residents are charming nonetheless. Visit Zoomarine Waterpark to say hello to friendly dolphins, goofy seals, and waggly penguins, and get on a roller coaster or water slide while you’re at it.

Because as interesting as cetaceans get (nothing beats the dolphin shows), witnessing all that fin-flapping and splashing about will make you want to hit the water too. And while you won’t necessarily want to dive headfirst into in a sea lion-filled aquarium, the Waterpark’s exhilarating (and cooling) rides are the perfect addition to your day of aquatic wonders.

Go to Zoomarine when you're in Italy with kids

Young Flipper gets all the pretty girls

More fun in Italy

There’s an endless supply of fun things to do in Italy with kids; have a look at our website to see more!

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