A picture is worth a thousand words. And because we don’t want to bombard you with a 15,000-word essay on Dublin, here are 15 photos that will make you want to visit Dublin:

1. Samuel Beckett Bridge

Named after the Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet and playwright Beckett, this slick and modern bridge has become an iconic part of the city’s landscape.

Photo by Emma McArdle

2. Bord Gaís Energy Theatre

The modern straight lines of this theatre make it stand out, despite its cool surroundings. Built in 2010, the theatre has over 2,000 seats and hosts ballets (Swan Lake marked its official opening), concerts, operas and musicals.

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Photo by Thomas Fitzgerald

3, 4 & 5. Guinness Storehouse & St. James Brewery

Imagine walking through a dimly lit hallway and entering a white room with nothing but four taps of glorious Guinness. For that you have to visit the Guinness Storehouse. Arthur Guinness famously signed a 9,000-year lease for this site back in 1759, and his famous porter has been brewed there ever since.

Photo by Lonely Planet

Photos that will make you want to visit Dublin

Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha

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Photo by Donal Murphy

6. The Custom House 

Built in 1707, it’s one of the grandest buildings in the city and boasts four monumental facades – all of which are great for capturing on camera.

Photo by Shahid Khan

7. Malahide Castle

North of the city lies an allegedly haunted castle. While some don’t dare to visit the Malahide Castle at night, this photographer stayed until dusk set in – just long enough to capture this amazing shot.

these photos will make you want to visit Dublin

Photo by Ariadna de Raadt

8 & 9. Christ Church

This beautiful Christ Church along Dame Street happens to be the oldest standing building in Dublin. Come for the famous story involving a cat and a mouse, stay for the incredible architecture.

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Photo by Nomadic Pursuits

these photos will make you want to visit Dublin

Photo by Ian Schneider

10. Moore Street

Moore Street is Dublin’s traditional market street. Today you’ll find a place that’s always evolving, yet manages to stay true to its wholesome trade roots. “Strawberries!”

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Photo by Dragos Olariu

11. Aviva Stadium

There’s a special place in Dublin where the Irish spirit roars. It’s the Aviva Stadium during a rugby or soccer match! You should definitely go to the Aviva for a tour or a match!

Photo by Sandymount Hotel

12. Dame Street

This street is a throbbing artery. With nice cafés, Dublin Castle, the quirky Central Bank, and Christ Church (the oldest building in town!), there are more than enough reasons for you to take a stroll up Dame Street.

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Photo by Fabio Gibelli

13 & 14. Trinity College

The famous university has educated Dublin’s finest since the 1600’s. Perhaps its most stunning room is the library — holding books from as early as 800 CE!

Photo by Tupungato

Photo by Malte Baumann

15, 16 & 17. Temple Bar

Because Dublin equals Guinness equals pub crawls. Temple Bar won’t leave you hanging, with more pubs than your poor liver can possibly handle. Actually, it might leave you hanging alright – but only when you wake up.

Temple Bar (the bar itself), photo by Nomadic Pursuits

Temple Bar (the neighborhood), photo by Lonely Planet

these photos will make you want to visit dublin

Temple Bar (the neighborhood) ,photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha

Fancy a visit to Dublin?

If this photo series left you quenching for a Dublin experience (and a pint of the black stuff), then visit our Dublin page to book some of the best experiences Dublin has to offer!

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