When you take someone special out for dinner, the ambiance counts as much as the food itself. That’s why a fine dining experience while drifting along Europe’s grandest waterways is the best way to cast an enchanting evening spell. From the Thames to the Tiber – these are the 6 most memorable dinner cruises in Europe.


Dinner cruises in Europe

1. Paris

The Seine is the physical and spiritual hub of Paris; Parisians use the river for casual strolls, romantic picnics, and intimate candlelit dinners. And the perfect way to celebrate in the Parisian spirit of amour and gastronomy is by dining on the Seine.

An elegant gourmet dinner cruise on the Seine is what French cuisine is all about. Think lavish four-course meal, premium champagnes, excellent service – and of course delicious French wines and cheeses.

And the elegance doesn’t stop there. The City of Lights shines brightest when seen from the river at night – and with the panoramic windows on this luxurious boat you’ll get to take it all in.

the seine is a great example of dinner cruises in europe

The Seine gets even more romantic as the sun starts to set


2. Amsterdam

With its hundreds of kilometers of canals and over 1500 bridges, Amsterdam is a great city for dinner cruises. There’s really no better way to explore ‘The Venice of the North’!

Whether on a date or a family reunion – a canal cruise through Amsterdam with dinner is a sure winner. And that’s exactly why this dinner cruise caters to all ages, serving a delicious four-course meal and a special children’s menu.

The cruise includes the captain’s highlights in both English and Dutch, so you’ll really get to know the city while indulging in a delicious dinner created by chef Frans Kelder.

The canals light up for dinner cruises in Europe

In the winter months the Amsterdam Light Festival is an added bonus


3. Prague

The capital of Bohemia has a rich history of imperial rule and grand architecture. The result is majestic castles, charming bridges, and the many spires rising from the city’s rooftops (one of Prague’s nicknames is ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’).

The buffet dinner cruise – Prague by night lets you take in the full magnitude of Prague’s beauty in a twinkling glow. It also lets you experience delicious local and international cuisine.

And when it comes to local taste, there’s no better way to rinse your palate than with a fresh pilsner – of which the Czech Republic is the birthplace!

Go to Prague to have one of the most memorable dinner cruises in Europe

Plenty of imperial heritage along the Vltava river


4. Rome

Romance is so intertwined with the city of Rome, that the very word ‘romance’ comes from the word Rome. So to witness the grandeur of Rome from the mighty Tiber is not just an epic spectacle, it’s also really romantic.

Especially when your cruise includes delicious Italian food. The dinner cruise – Rome by night has all the ingredients for a night that will have you singing “That’s amoooore!”. The food is prepared fresh for the journey, there’s a live band playing a mix of Italian and international songs, and the views are world-beating.

Enjoy a four-course gourmet Italian dinner as your ears fill up with music and your eyes take in the world’s most romantic city.

The Tiber and Rome provide a great setting for dinner cruises in Europe

When seen from the Tiber, Rome looks just as it did during the Renaissance


5. Budapest

And with many of Budapest’s most majestic buildings dotted along the banks of the river, a cruise here will help you understand why this city is often called ‘The Pearl of the Danube’.

The dinner cruise on the Danube with live music lets you indulge in the hearty tastes of Hungarian cuisine. A richly filled buffet table prepared by a top Hungarian chef will satisfy your hunger, as traditional music is played in the background.

Have you ever heard a cimbalom being played while you have a mouthful of chicken paprikash? If the answer is no, you should fix that ASAP.

the danube is a beautiful river or dinner cruises in Europe

Budapest glimmers with lights as your cruise waltzes along the Danube


6. London

Many of London’s most famous sights are built on the banks of the Thames – from the London Eye, to the  Big Ben and the Shard. Taking in London from the river is a unique experience, because ‘The Big Smoke’ is as tranquil on the water as it is roaring on the streets.

The dinner cruise on the London Showboat is a proper fine dining experience with bubbles, wine, and a four-course meal. And because this is the Showboat, the fun doesn’t end with dinner.

A top-notch songstress fills the boat with contemporary hits and West End classics. That’ll both work up an appetite – and get you to dance the night away after your delicious dinner!

london has one of the best dinner cruises in europe

Dusk does special things to London’s skyline


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