After a visit to Gaudí’s marvel you deserve a tasty yet affordable meal. Skip the tourist traps around the cathedral, and find out where to eat near Sagrada Familia. From breakfast to dinner – we lined up the 5 best restaurants near Sagrada Familia. Once you’re done, take a look at other architecture in Barcelona by Gaudí. There’s some masterpieces to be found!

Restaurants near Sagrada Familia

1. Tossa is a gem waiting to be uncovered

There are only a few great places to eat near Sagrada Familia. That’s why it’s a wonder this simple bar-restaurant isn’t loaded with tourists yet. Just a stone’s throw away from the famous cathedral, Tossa offers top quality dishes for a reasonable price. That’s why it’s a favorite among locals. With plenty of room and a terrace (with heaters), the place has an easy family atmosphere.

The restaurant has been serving delicious tapas and hearty seasonal cuisine for over 40 years – their croquetas (filled with mushroom and foie gras) and salpicón de marisco (seafood salad) have never gone out of fashion! Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner here.

Restaurante Tossa, Carrer de Nàpols 291, Barcelona. Lunch or dinner for less than €20. Open 7AM – 11PM, closed on Sundays.

Tossa bcn is one of the restaurants near Sagrada Familia

Delicious tapas and foie gras-filled croquetas

2. Catalan home cooking at Sant Joan

Only a bit further out at a 10-minute walk. Sant Joan is authentic Catalan home cooking without ostentation, but packed with flavours that are hard to come by for the non-local. Definitely more a diner than a restaurant, the simple interior shows the no-nonsense mentality that gives the place and food their character. Perfect for your tasty lunch near the Sagrada Familia.

Traditional Catalan dishes dictate the menu here. Rabbit with garlic, fried anchovies, or lentil soup with chorizo – you are right in the heart of Catalunya! The family-owned Sant Joan serves lunch only and you will find lots of locals eager for a great value meal. Turn up on time to get a taste of the action! Beware that you’ll have to decipher the Spanish or Catalan menu, as this is a real local experience.

Restaurant Sant Joan, Passeig de Sant Joan 65, Barcelona. Lunch for two with wine around €25. Open daily 8.30am – 5pm.

Sant Joan in Barcelona is one of the restaurants near Sagrada Familia

Traditional meals just as the Catalans like ‘em

3. Bardeni is tapas for meat-lovers

Another hidden gem full of locals, this restaurant caters to the carnivorous type. The award-winning chef does his magic on high quality cuts of meat; the result is finger-licking good. With an attractive interior and an even more attractive meaty menu, this is a restaurant you can’t miss. The price range of this unusual tapas bar is slightly higher than regular tapas bars, but worth it when you’re looking for a great place to eat. 

Chef Danu Lechuga’s Angus steak tartares and filet mignon tacos are to die for, but his burgers are the town’s absolute favorite. We advise you not to leave Bardeni without having tried the Angus burger!

Bardeni El Meatbar, Carrer de València 454, Barcelona. Burgers for €8, tapas from €8-14, premium cuts of meat €14+. Open 1.30pm – 3.15pm and 8.30pm – 10.30pm, closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Bardeni el Meatbar is one of the restaurants near Sagrada Familia

Chef Lechuga knows how to deal with premium cuts of meat

4. Fresh catch at La Paradeta

Quality seafood is hard to come by. You either pay a premium price or you get served yesterday’s catch. Not here. This restaurant is more than fairly priced – but muy delicioso! And it’s just around the corner of the Sagrada Familia.

La Paradeta translates to market stall: pick your selection of seafood at the counter, where today’s catch is chilled on a bed of ice. Think lobster, crab, tiger prawn, squid, octopus, sea bream, monkfish, and much more. Your pick is then weighed and prepared (have yours grilled or fried) to perfection. Beware that you won’t be the only one lining up for this sea banquet (but lines move pretty fast).

La Paradeta, Carrer Comercial 7, Barcelona. Lunch or dinner for around €20. Open Tuesday to Thursday between 1pm – 4pm and 8pm – 11.30pm, Friday to Sunday between 1pm – 4pm and 8pm – 12am.

La Paradeta is one of the restaurants near Sagrada familia

A plate filled with fruits of the sea

5. Brunch with the kids at Puiggròs

Not a restaurant, but a bonus on this list! This family-run bakery is great for brunch (or breakfast). One of the most renowned bakeries in Barcelona, Puiggròs does the best (chocolate) croissant since the 1900s. Their quiches, baguettes and coffee also deserve a special mention.

If you’re traveling with kids, you may have found your go-to place. The newly renovated bakery has a large seating area – and a kid’s play corner! Time to really enjoy that coffee and pastry you’ve been longing for, while you relax with a bite to eat, only a stone’s throw away from the Sagrada Familia. 

Puiggròs Cafeteria-forn De Pa, Avinguda de Gaudí 77, Barcelona. Open 8am – 8.45pm, closed on Sundays.

Puiggros pa de forn is one of the restaurants near Sagrada Familia

A breakfast deal with Puiggros’ famed chocolate croissant

Tip: Make the most of your time

The Sagrada Familia is Gaudí’s definite masterpiece – that’s why everyone visiting Barcelona goes to see it. Save yourself an hour (or two) and avoid the long queues at the Sagrada familia. How? Get priority access to the Sagrada Familia! Been there already? Try out some other top venues in Barcelona. 

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