Considered one of the finest concert halls in the world, the famous acoustics of the Concertgebouw will give you a unique experience of orchestral sounds. We recommend a visit to the Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam to anyone looking to spend the perfect Sunday morning in Amsterdam.

Among the world’s finest

Orchestral sounds resonate so well inside the Concertgebouw that it belongs in the top 3 concert halls worldwide! But how did the architects go about creating such a sound experience?

The construction of the Koninklijk Concertgebouw finished in 1886. Before the 20th century, getting the acoustics of a concert hall right was somewhat of an educated guess. The best thing you could do was look at what was already out there. The design of the Royal Concert Building had been borrowed from the Gewandhaus in Leipzig (which sadly has been destroyed in the 2nd World War), true to the beautiful Viennese classic architecture. Being smaller than the original concert hall, the design had been adjusted to fit the Concertgebouw. It turned out that the acoustics were spot on.

So is it really possible that the acoustics of the building are so good by mere accident? It surely seems that way. Up to today, scientists can’t explain why the acoustics sound so incredibly well in this room.

We’ll leave it up to you to decipher the physics behind the magic. Or be baffled by it.

the perfect Sunday morning in Amsterdam is seeing the interior of the Concertgebouw

The perfect Sunday morning in Amsterdam

Sunday morning. The weekend has been great so far, but face it: your Amsterdam escapades are starting to take its toll on you. An extra large cafè latte or walk in the park won’t help you this time. What you really need is a serene experience in a comfortable seat: you need an eargasm-inducing classical concert.

Making it to the concert

The Concertgebouw is majestically seated at the end of the Museumplein, so it’s easy to get there. Tickets to the Concertgebouw Sunday morning concert sell out fast,  so get yours early. Arrive before 10:45 to redeem your ticket. If you arrive early, try asking to for a seat in the centre of the hall. The audial experience is most balanced (and prinstine!) in the middle of Hall. The concert starts at 11:00 and takes an hour.

The perfect Sunday morning in Amsterdam is a concert at the Concertgebouw

After the concert

Bravo, bravo! As the applause dies down you’re still lingering in sound waves – and you don’t want this beauty to end. We understand – that’s why we have two options for you:

1. Take a tour of the Concertgebouw

The main hall is stunning – and there is so much more to find out about this beautiful building. The tour of the Concertgebuw starts at 12.30pm (leaving time for coffee and a bite before) and takes 75 minutes. From backstage gossips to the Grand Organ – hear all about the magnificent building and its history.

2. Treat your remaining senses with a royal brunch

The Concertgebouw doesn’t just satisfy your ears, it’s a feast for all senses when you opt for the Sunday morning brunch after the concert! Held in the Great Hall from 12.00 to 13.30, this is a great way to continue the Sunday good times. Tuck into a spread of fresh sweet and savory rolls, soup, croquettes, quiche and more! Tea, coffee, and juice are all included.

Not done yet?

With such an A-grade Sunday morning, you might think that finding the right follow-up will be a problem. Not in Amsterdam.

The perfect Sunday morning in Amsterdam at the Museumplein

The Concertgebouw’s location is perfect for a quality follow-up to your perfect Sunday morning in Amsterdam. Straight across the Museumplein (Museum Square) is the Rijksmuseum, with its majestic paintings from the hands of the Dutch Masters. On your left hand, the van Gogh Museum is dedicated to one of the most influential figures in Western art. And with the Stedelijk Museum next to it, you can opt for a contemporary take on art.

Jeremy Sudibyo

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