From Monet to Turner – many great painters have put the iconic canals of Venice on canvas. Can you imagine yourself floating on the Grand Canal of Venice in a gondola? You will certainly after seeing these 10 paintings of Venice.


Paintings of Venice

1. Claude Monet

One of the most famous paintings of the Grand Canal of Venice is this painting of Monet. This impressionist work shows some of Venice’s iconic buildings in a particularly flattering autumn light in 1908.

paintings of venice

Le Grand Canal


2. Édouard Manet

Manet painted this gondoliere when visiting Venice in 1875. He found it hard to settle in the ‘City of Canals’, but this didn’t keep him from painting this dashing work of impressionist art.

Grand Canal


3. Paul Signac

As a neo-impressionist, Paul Signac painted the Grand Canal of Venice in the style of Pointillism in 1905. The afternoon sunlight seems to shine right through the individual dots!

paintings of venice

Grand Canal


4. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

In 1888, Renoir painted this vivid image of the Doge’s Palace. Notice the Italian flag in the centre of the painting? It makes for a striking contrast with the timelessness of Venice!

paintings of venice

Renoir, Doge’s Palace


5. Canaletto

Canaletto was the most renowned Venetian landscape painter of his time. This painting made between 1729 and 1732 depicts the return of the Bucintoro. This boat went out to open sea once every year for a ceremony that symbolically wedded Venice to the sea.

paintings of venice

Bucentaur’s Return to the Pier by the Palazzo Ducale


6. Francesco Guardi

Francesco Guardi was, after Canaletto, the main painter of views of Venice in the 18th century. While Canaletto shows the return of the Bucentaur, in this 1780 painting Guardi shows its departure.

paintings of venice

The Departure of Bucentaur for the Lido on Ascension Day


7. J.M.W.Turner

Turner had ample experience as a marine painter and used this to portray Venice. This painting is a product of his second visit to Venice in 1833. The soft reflections of the palace foundations and boats in the Venetian lagoon really show his skills as a marine painter!

paintings of venice

Venice from the Porch of Madonna della Salute


8. Thomas Moran

Another Englishman, Moran was impressed by the watery reflections of his fellow countryman Turner. In 1899, it moved him to paint this image of Venice from afar – with many of the techniques Turner used.

paintings of venice

The Pearl of Venice


9. Franz Richard Unterberger

Franz Richard Unterberger most famous paintings are of Venice and Naples. Both of which he loved to paint in a dreamy, romantic haze. He painted this image of Schiavoni, a popular promenade in Venice, while he was in Brussels in 1864.

paintings of venice



10. Claude Monet

During his three-month trip to Venice in 1908, Monet also painted this warm twilight view of the island of San Giorgi. The image leaves you longing for a long summer’s day in Venice – that’s why we end this series of paintings of Venice with another iconic Monet.

paintings of venice

Saint Georges Majeur au Crépuscule


Explore the iconic sights of Venice 

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