From intimate cobblestone alleys to candlelit dinner along the canal – Europe is the continent where frail love blossoms and slumbering passions are renewed. We listed the 6 most romantic city breaks for you and your significant other to start a European romance.

Romantic city breaks

We lined up the 6 best destinations in Europe – and added the most scenic and intimate places of each city. And as a bonus, there’s both a romantic day- and night activity.

1. Prague

Imagine walking across the Charles Bridge hand-in-hand in the morning fog. Or through the winding cobblestone streets with their centuries-old architecture. It’s no wonder Prague is on top of our list of romantic city breaks. With all its alleyways and baroque courtyards, the capital of Bohemia was made for romantic strolls. And the intimacy doesn’t stop there.

Take your better half on a dinner cruise by night and see charming Prague in its nighttime glow. Use the daytime to visit the Prague Castle and wander around the world’s largest ancient castle. Exploring the countless majestic rooms you will feel like you’re in a fairytale. And as with fairytales, romantic city breaks in Prague end in happily-ever-afters. 

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Charles bridge in Prague is one of our romantic city breaks

Charles Bridge is most romantic in the morning fog

2. Venice

The most scenic perspective of Venice is from one of its many canals. Besides, nothing sways lovers like a classic gondola ride through a Venetian lagoon. However, there’s plenty reason to explore La Serenissima by foot.

Every exploration of Venice by foot leads to the Piazza San Marco. We recommend you and your lover take a guided tour of the St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. The Piazza has been the center of Venetian social and political life for more than a thousand years. And to explore St. Mark’s Square and Venice’s biggest highlights with a knowledgeable guide is to watch a thousand years reappear in front of your eyes!

The Bride of the Sea is one of Europe’s most romantic cities. And there’s another (quieter!) romantic island just a boat ride away. Originally a fisherman’s island, Burano is the hidden gem in the Venetian lagoon. Legend has it that the fishermen first started painting their homes in bright colors so they could see them while out fishing.

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Venice is among the romantic things to to din Europe

A gondola ride for two through Venetian back alleys

3. Paris

Ah, l’amour! Paris is known as the City of Love for plenty reasons. Walks around Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower at night, the Champs Elysees – it’s hard to take a wrong turn in Paris.

And while you can hardly go wrong, getting Paris perfectly right requires extra planning. Avoid the most frequented places for some intimacy and visit the Musée de l’Orangerie. Impressionist paintings like Monet’s Water Lilies depict dreamy scenes that seem to come straight out of a summer romance.

And when the Parisian boulevards light up at night, Paris reveals its true self in a piece of classic cabaret. The Gustave Eiffel-designed Paradis Latin Cabaret Night Show is the ultimate place to spend the evening with your beau and enjoy a three-course meal or some Champagne. After all, what better way to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine’s Day than with the Cancan?   

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Paris is one of the romantic city breaks in Europe

The Eiffel Tower watches over all lovers in Paris

4. Barcelona

Everything in Barcelona seems infused with a bit of romance. Romance of the playful, passionate kind that is. It’s imbedded in the Art Nouveau architecture unique to the city. And the cuisine – tapas and paella paired with copious amounts of wine. And the sunlit boulevards along the Mediterranean Sea.

A quintessential couples’ experience is a ride on the Montjuïc Cable Car. The panorama of Barcelona – from the harbors to the hills – is breathtaking, especially if you share it privately, rising high above the city in a cable car.

And then there’s the dance that is the very essence of passion. Take your darling to see the Arte Flamenco, where a passionate rhythm drives song and sensual dance.   

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Barcelona is one of the romantic city breaks in Europe

The Iberian sun sets into a passionate flare

5. Florence

Like a starting romance, Florence feels like a summer’s haze. It’s a place where the sunlight is softened by orange roofs, domed cathedrals, and Renaissance palaces. 

The city is filled with Renaissance art and history, but don’t get stuck inside museums all day. Instead, take your lover to the Boboli Gardens for a walk in the park. Lush and serene, the park is the perfect backdrop to impressive sculptures and a towering obelisk. And for a smaller, quieter setting there’s the additional Bardini Garden. Only recently opened to the public, this is the detour in your walk that allows for a soft whisper and a quick kiss.

Especially when night falls, romantic city breaks call for something special. The best place to take your darling is to the Opera in the Saint Marks Angelican Church. And because the operas have been adapted to the intimate setting of the Saint Marks, this is a unique way to hear history’s greatest love stories sung in duet.

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Florence is one of the romantic city breaks in Europe

Florence bathes in orange as the sun rises

6. Amsterdam

Canals and romantic city breaks are meant for each other. Amsterdam is the City of Canals of the North. And then there’s the flowers, people on bicycles, and quaint little shops and cafés on every street corner – making it perfect for a leisurely romance. Beautiful in both summer and winter, in both rain and hail – it’s just like a lasting romance should be.

To experience the full beauty of Amsterdam take a canal cruise. And while daylight shows you daily life in Amsterdam, a nighttime canal cruise with dinner gives you an even prettier Amsterdam – with lights twinkling in the canals. 

Another great way to spend the evening together is at a delicious and super fun restaurant. The dinner show at Pasta e Basta has a unique twist. Not only is it a fantastic Italian wine bar and restaurant for having a four-course meal and great wines – there’s also a singing waitstaff. That’s right, the performing staff entertains with songs – from pop to opera – with the quality of a trained soliste (which some are).

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Amsterdam is one of the romantic city breaks in Europe

A love triangle of canals, bicycles, and flowers

Start exploring!

These are just a few romantic city breaks in Europe – have a look at our other cities for more inspiration!

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